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Physical comorbidity in Older-Age Bipolar Disorder (OABD) compared to the general population - a 3-year longitudinal prospective cohort study.

Gender differences in self-reported health and psychological distress among New Zealand adults

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Hybrid Weighted Random Forests Method for Prediction & Classification of Online Buying Customers

Consumer behaviour factors and contemporary trends on the luxury goods market

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Analysis of Family Behavior Factors in Latrine Utilization in Mundek Village, Northwest Rote District, Rote Ndao Regency

Analysis of Sociodemographic and Information Factors on Family Behaviour in Early Detection ff High-Risk Pregnancy

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Understand Sexual Risk Behaviours in Young Adults and Challenges in their Education

Placing sexually transmitted infection surveillance data in perspective by using national probability sample surveys.

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Seismic Performance Assessment of a Multistorey Building Designed with an Alternative Capacity Design Approach

Behaviour Factor of Ductile Code-Designed Reinforced Concrete Frames

Seismic displacements and behaviour factors assessment of an innovative steel and concrete hybrid coupled shear wall system

Optimal ductility enhancement of RC framed buildings considering different non-invasive retrofitting techniques

Comparative study on seismic design and check of piers by Chinese and European Codes

Ductility evaluation of precast RC shear walls in Italian existing buildings

Association between periodontitis and severity of COVID‐19 infection: A case–control study


Assessment and design considerations for single layer cylindrical lattice shells subjected to seismic loading

Personal Values and Managerial Behaviour: A Gap in the Knowledge

Eating behaviours and dietary intake associations with self-reported sleep duration of free-living Brazilian adults

Altitude training in endurance running: perceptions of elite athletes and support staff

Seismic design and performance of dual structures with BRBs and semi-rigid connections

Effect of retrofitting on the structural factors for seismic assessment of unreinforced masonry structures: a review

A Nutritional Recommender System for Rehabilitation of NCD’s by Using Data Mining Techniques

Global Ductility Demands of RC Frames with Various Post-Yield Stiffness Ratio and Ductility Capacity Ratio Under Near-Field Earthquakes

Improving the seismic behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frames by means of SMA bars and Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Seismic capacity of steel frames braced with cross-concentric rectangular plates: Non-linear analyses

Seismic analysis and behaviour of mixed MRF/BRB regular steel space frames with uniaxial eccentricity

A more rational selection of the behaviour factor for seismic design according to Eurocode 8

Pedestrian crashes at priority-controlled junctions, roundabouts, and signalized junctions: The UK case study

Loss impact factors for lifetime seismic loss assessment of steel concentrically braced frames designed to EC8

Behaviour factor evaluation of CFS shear walls with gypsum board sheathing according to FEMA P695 for Eurocodes

q-factor estimation for 3D log-house timber buildings via Finite Element analyses

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Behaviour Factor 행동 요인

Behaviour Factor 행동 요인
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