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Pore-scale investigation of hydrate morphology evolution and seepage characteristics in hydrate bearing microfluidic chip

Discrete element modeling of the effect of particle size distribution on direct shear behavior of hydrate-bearing sediments

Bearing Sediments sentence examples within gas production efficiency

Numerical Study on Seepage Characteristics of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: A Pore-Scale Perspective

Numerical simulation of gas recovery from natural gas hydrate using multi-branch wells: A three-dimensional model

Bearing Sediments sentence examples within gas hydrate exploitation

Fine sand migration in hydrate-bearing sediments and median grain size ratio optimization of gravel pack

Characterization of stress–dilatancy behavior for methane hydrate-bearing sediments

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Bearing Sediments sentence examples within Hydrate Bearing Sediments

Pore-scale investigation of hydrate morphology evolution and seepage characteristics in hydrate bearing microfluidic chip

Influence of cement slurry heat release on physical properties of marine hydrate reservoirs during well cementing

Bearing Sediments sentence examples within bearing sediments depend

Quantitative characterization of gas hydrate bearing sediment using elastic-electrical rock physics models

Numerical study of gas production from marine hydrate formations considering soil compression and hydrate dissociation due to depressurization

Bearing Sediments sentence examples within bearing sediments collected

Geochemistry, origin and accumulation of natural gas hydrates in the Qiongdongnan Basin, South China Sea: Implications from site GMGS5-W08

The Characteristics and Origin of Amber Deposits in the Dominican Republic

Ligand-Enhanced Electron Utilization for Trichloroethylene Degradation by ·OH during Sediment Oxygenation.

A Comprehensive Review on CO2/N2 Mixture Injection for Methane Gas Recovery in Hydrate Reservoirs

Q-compensated reverse-time migration for natural gas hydrate using fractional viscoacoustic wave equation

The interface evolution during methane hydrate dissociation within quartz sands and its implications to the permeability prediction based on NMR data

Multi-well strategy for gas production by depressurization from methane hydrate-bearing sediments

Shallow seismic investigations of the accretionary complex offshore Central Chile

Physical Properties of Gas Hydrate-Bearing Pressure Core Sediments in the South China Sea

DEM analyses of cemented hydrate’s effect on the compression behavior of fine-grained sediments

Multi-beam and seismic investigations of the active Haima cold seeps, northwestern South China Sea

Experimental simulations of mixed gas hydrates dissociation in response to temperature changes in Qilian Mountain permafrost, China

Polluted lignocellulose-bearing sediments as a resource for marketable goods—a review of potential technologies for biochemical and thermochemical processing and remediation

Fossil woods from the Eocene of Corcovado, Argentinean Patagonia: geological setting and conifer diversity

Ideas and perspectives: Sea-Level Change, Anaerobic Methane Oxidation, and the Glacial-Interglacial Phosphorus Cycle

Changes in reaction surface during the methane hydrate dissociation and its implications for hydrate production

Middle Holocene environmental reconstruction and climatic inferences through multi-proxy records from Seymareh lake sediments (Zagros Mts., Iran)

How gas-hydrate saturation and morphology control seismic attenuation: A case study from the south Hydrate Ridge

Pore-scale analysis of relations between seepage characteristics and gas hydrate growth habit in porous sediments

Combining Optical Microscopy and X-ray Computed Tomography Reveals Novel Morphologies and Growth Processes of Methane Hydrate in Sand Pores

Characterizing the Meghalayan Stage in southern Africa: A multiproxy record of paleoenvironmental change at the southern margin of the Kalahari

A testing assembly for combination measurements on gas hydrate-bearing sediments using x-ray computed tomography and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance.

Analysis of Hydrate Heterogeneous Distribution Effects on Mechanical Characteristics of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments

Mechanical Behaviors of Hydrate-Bearing Sediment with Different Cementation Spatial Distributions: Insight from Pore Scale

Elastic wave velocities of hydrate-bearing sands containing methane gas bubbles: Insights from CT-acoustic observation and theoretical analysis

The study of Dominican amber-bearing sediments from Siete Cañadas and La Cumbre with a discussion on their origin

Effects of gas occurrence pattern on distribution and morphology characteristics of gas hydrates in porous media

Numerical Evaluation of Gas Hydrate Production Performance of the Depressurization and Backfilling with an In Situ Supplemental Heat Method

Late Cretaceous Flora of the Zyryanka Coal Basin in Northeastern Russia: Composition, Age, and Plant Communities

The coefficient of earth pressure at rest in hydrate-bearing sediments

Volcanic controls on the microbial habitability of Mars-analogue hydrothermal environments.

Mechanical behaviors of hydrate-bearing sediment with different cementation spatial distributions at microscales

Rock Physics Model and Seismic Dispersion and Attenuation in Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments

An improved specimen preparation method for marine shallow gas-bearing sand sediments and its validations

Coupled wellbore–reservoir heat and mass transfer model for horizontal drilling through hydrate reservoir and application in wellbore stability analysis

The Characteristics of Gas-Water Two-Phase Radial Flow in Clay-Silt Sediment and Effects on Hydrate Production

Physical and chemical evolution of a Pleistocene marginal marine gold paleoplacer deposit, southern New Zealand

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Effect of hydrate distribution on effective thermal conductivity changes during hydrate formation in hydrate-bearing quartz sands

Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sand: The Influence of Sand-Water Mixing Methods

Morphology identification of gas hydrate from pointwise Lipschitz regularity for P- and S-wave velocity

Multi-scale visualization of uranium-rich domains dispersed in U-Zr mineralization of sandstone-type (Břevniště, Czech Republic)

Isotope Signs (234U/238U, 2H, 18O) of Groundwater: An Investigation of the Existence of Paleo-Permafrost in European Russia (Pre-Volga Region)

Nephelinites in eastern China originating from the mantle transition zone

Salinity effects on the mechanical behaviour of methane hydrate bearing sediments: A DEM investigation

Dynamical mechanism of hydrate formation resulting from free gas migration into seeping seafloor sediments

A fractal model for the relative permeability prediction of hydrate-bearing sediments

Experimental Simulation of the Self-Trapping Mechanism for CO2 Sequestration into Marine Sediments

Three-dimensional Eulerian modeling of gas–liquid–solid flow with gas hydrate dissociation in a vertical pipe

Numerical modeling for the mechanical behavior of marine gas hydrate-bearing sediments during hydrate production by depressurization

Effect of reformation of gas hydrate on the gas phase permeability of montmorillonite

Glauconite of terrigenous-carbonate deposits from the lower Cambrian (Northern Siberia, Olenek uplift)

Геохимия марганценосных отложений палеовулканогенных комплексов Южного Урала

Distribution of Cenozoic Metalliferous Coal Deposits in the Zeya–Bureya Sedimentary Basin (Eastern Siberia): Tectonic Reconstruction and Paleogeographical Analysis

X-ray fluorescence mapping as a first-hand tool in disseminated ore assessment: sandstone-hosted U–Zr mineralization

Numerical simulation of the short- and long-term production behavior of the first offshore gas hydrate production test in the South China Sea

Theoretical and experimental studies on influence of electrode variations in electrical resistivity survey for tunnel ahead prediction

A growing sandstone type uranium district in South Yili Basin, NW China as a result of extension of Tien Shan Orogen: Evidences from geochronology and hydrology

On the importance of phase saturation heterogeneity in the analysis of laboratory studies of hydrate dissociation