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Beam Size sentence examples within electric field distribution

Longitudinal and transverse spatial beam profile measurement of relativistic electron bunch by electro-optic sampling

Study of the spatio-temporal profile diagnostics for relativistic picosecond electron bunches by electro-optic sampling

Beam Size sentence examples within electron energy spread

Undulator and free-electron laser radiation with field harmonics and off-axis effects taken into account analytically

Генерация гармоник в экспериментах с лазерами на свободных электронах в рентгеновском диапазоне --- теоретический анализ

Beam Size sentence examples within Laser Beam Size

Multiphysics Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis, and Optical Performance Optimization for Optical Laser Head in Additive Manufacturing

Laser Micro Polishing of Tool Steel 1.2379 (AISI D2): Influence of Intensity Distribution, Laser Beam Size, and Fluence on Surface Roughness and Area Rate

Beam Size sentence examples within Different Beam Size

Field size effects on DNA damage and proliferation in normal human cell populations irradiated with X-ray microbeams

Tests, numerical modelling and design of a novel cold-formed steel Tab connection

Beam Size sentence examples within Electron Beam Size

Undulator and free-electron laser radiation with field harmonics and off-axis effects taken into account analytically

Harmonics Generation in Experiments with Free-Electron Lasers in the X-Ray Wavelength Range: a Theoretical Analysis

Beam Size sentence examples within Transverse Beam Size

Laser propagation in a Rindler accelerated reference frame based on matrix optics.

Feasibility of X-ray beam nanofocusing with compound refractive lenses.

Beam Size sentence examples within Small Beam Size

Dose-area product ratio in external small-beam radiotherapy: beam shape, size and energy dependencies in clinical photon beams

THz Generation Using the Tilted Pulse Front Method in the Limit of Small Beam Sizes

Beam Size sentence examples within Large Beam Size

A new emittance selection system to maximize beam transmission for low-energy beams in cyclotron-based proton therapy facilities with gantry.

Laser-driven plasma sources of intense, ultrafast, and coherent radiation

Beam Size sentence examples within Photon Beam Size

Monte Carlo calculation of detector perturbation and quality correction factors in a 1.5 T magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy small photon beams.

FEL performance achieved at PAL-XFEL using a three-chicane bunch compression scheme.

Beam Size sentence examples within Larger Beam Size

Incremental Beam Manipulation for Natural Language Generation

Heavy-Tails and Randomized Restarting Beam Search in Goal-Oriented Neural Sequence Decoding

Beam Size sentence examples within Ray Beam Size

On-axis sample viewer with flexible working distance for an X-ray spectroscopy beamline.

Analysis of Multi-Hit Crystals in Serial Synchrotron Crystallography Experiments Using High-Viscosity Injectors

Beam Size sentence examples within Vertical Beam Size

Betatron coupling measurement and optimization in Indus-2 storage ring.

Momentum bandwidth of the KEK Accelerator Test Facility 2

Beam Size sentence examples within Output Beam Size

Variable-diameter beam-shaping system design with high zoom ratio containing aspheric optical components.

Dynamic chromatic aberration pre-compensation scheme for ultrashort petawatt laser systems.

Beam Size sentence examples within Smaller Beam Size

The High Luminosity LHC interaction region magnets towards series production

The Hübnerite/Ferberite ratio as an exploration tool for W-deposits

Beam Size sentence examples within Field Beam Size

Extended propagation of sub-mm incoherent space-time fields over 110 m distance

Signal Amplification of Fiber Integrated X-Ray Detector and Energy Independence

Beam Size sentence examples within Pump Beam Size

Efficient generation of a high-field terahertz pulse train in bulk lithium niobate crystals by optical rectification.

Analysis of THz generation using the tilted-pulse-front geometry in the limit of small pulse energies and beam sizes.

Beam Size sentence examples within Focused Beam Size

Structural and electronic inhomogeneity of superconducting Nb-doped Bi2Se3

Hard X-ray ptychography at Taiwan Photon Source at 11–20 nm spatial resolution

Beam Size sentence examples within Mm Beam Size

Three-Dimensional Nondestructive Isotope-Selective Tomographic Imaging of 208Pb Distribution via Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence

On the flexural strength and stiffness of cast glass

Beam Size sentence examples within Gaussian Beam Size

Numerical analysis on the optical force calculation in the Rayleigh scattering regime

Effect of the Lunar Radiation on the Cold Sky Horn Antennas of the Chang’E-1 and -2 Microwave Radiometers

Beam Size sentence examples within Variable Beam Size

A Sample Preparation Pipeline for Microcrystals at the VMXm Beamline.

Beamline K11 DIAD: a new instrument for dual imaging and diffraction at Diamond Light Source

Beam Size sentence examples within beam size analysi

Formation of self-organizing functionally distinct Rho of plants domains involves a reduced mobile population.

Propagation of partially coherent hyperbolic sinusoidal Gaussian beam in biological tissue

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Effects of Defocus Distance on Three-Beam Laser Internal Coaxial Wire Cladding

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Performance of the Secondary Electrons Profile Monitor for the scanning gantry in the Heavy Ion Medical Machine

An alternative technique for verification of terahertz Smith–Purcell radiation

Measuring fluence distribution of intense short laser based on the radiochromic effect.

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Author Correction: Controllable deposition of organic metal halide perovskite films with wafer-scale uniformity by single source flash evaporation

X-ray adaptive zoom condenser utilizing an intermediate virtual focus.

First 3D grid-based gas-dust simulations of circumstellar discs with an embedded planet

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Solaris synchrotron performance and operational status

Integrated photonics for atomic sensing

Exploiting spatio-spectral aberrations for rapid synchrotron infrared imaging.

An automated optimization strategy to design collimator geometry for small field radiation therapy systems

Ray-tracing analysis of a single-grating stretcher with an arbitrary three-mirror unit-magnification telescope

Broadening the spectrum of precision femtosecond laser processing

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Prediction of Flexural Behavior of Woven Reinforced for Concrete Reinforcement

Applications of a novel detector for pencil beam scanning proton therapy beam quality assurance

Shear Strength of HVFA-SCC Beams without Stirrups

Development of a High-Resolution Digital Beam Position Processor for the Hefei Advanced Light Facility Preresearch Project

Interferometric Z-scan method for thermo-optical effect studies

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Thermal analysis of anisotropic heat conduction model with experimental validation on molten pool during selective laser melting

Expansion dynamics and radiation absorption in plumes induced by irradiation of a copper target by single and multiple nanosecond laser pulses in the doughnut beam mode

Optimization of mirror deformation strategy using mechanical and piezoelectric bending system

Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XII. Extended [C ii] Structure (Merger or Outflow) in a z = 6.72 Red Quasar

Time-resolved dosimetry with pencil-beam scanning for quality assurance/quality control in particle therapy.

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Mesoscale modelling of size effect on the evolution of fracture process zone in concrete

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Molecular gas and star formation within 12 strong galactic bars observed with IRAM-30m

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Observability of the vertical shear instability in protoplanetary disk CO kinematics

Using beam profile inflection point in process of treatment planning system verification.

Conceptual Design of a Novel Nozzle Combined with a Clinical Proton Linac for Magnetically Focussed Minibeams

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Hybrid halide perovskite neutron detectors

Investigation of the Effect of Structural Properties of a Vertically Standing CNT Cold Cathode on Electron Beam Brightness and Resolution of Secondary Electron Images

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Presenting innovative ensemble model for prediction of the load carrying capacity of composite castellated steel beam under fire

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Feasibility study of a minibeam collimator design for a 60Co gamma irradiator

Experimental Research on HLS-II Performance by Means of the RF Phase Modulation Technique

2-D PBR Localization Complying With Constraints Forced by Active Radar Measurements

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Design method for the relocation of plastic hinges in prefabricated steel beams with corrugated webs

Radiogenic Pb mobilization induced by shock metamorphism of zircons in the Apollo 72255 Civet Cat norite clast

Beaconless PAT and adaptive beam control using variable focus lens for free-space optical communication systems

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Space-charge effects in ionization beam profile monitors

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

Transparent top-up injection into a fourth-generation storage ring

On the Beam Filling Factors of Molecular Clouds

Impact of beam profile on surface texturing

Theoretical and experimental research on crosstalk in spectral beam combining of a laser diode bar with a high fill factor.

Photothermal effects in plasmonic assisted photocatalysis: a parametric study

More Beam Size 빔 크기 sentence examples

A size-dependent thermal buckling model for micro-beams based on modified gradient elasticity

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