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An approximate Bayesian approach for estimation of the reproduction number under misreported epidemic data

Optimal post-selection inference for sparse signals: a nonparametric empirical Bayes approach

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Two Bayesian Approaches

Bayesian dose-regimen assessment in early phase oncology incorporating pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Bayesian Approaches for Poisson Distribution Parameter Estimation

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Fully Bayesian Approaches

Efficient multiscale imaging of subsurface resistivity with uncertainty quantification using ensemble Kalman inversion

Unsupervised Bayesian Inference to Fuse Biosignal Sensory Estimates for Personalizing Care

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Several Bayesian Approaches

Bayesian Hodges-Lehmann tests for statistical equivalence in the two-sample setting: Power analysis, type I error rates and equivalence boundary selection in biomedical research

Parameter Identification of Coulomb Oscillator from Noisy Sensor Data

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Flexible Bayesian Approaches

Artificial intelligence methods for a Bayesian epistemology-powered evidence evaluation.

Skewed link-based regression models for misclassified binary data

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Nonparametric Bayesian Approaches

Nonparametric Bayesian Clustering under Structural Restrictions

A Statistical Perspective on the Challenges in Molecular Microbial Biology

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within Applying Bayesian Approaches

Spatial Patterns of Endometriosis Incidence. A Study in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) in the Period 2004–2017

Geographical Distribution of Incidence of Endometriosis in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) in the Period 2004-2017

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within bayesian approaches may

A Bayesian approach to estimating the population prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders using multiple measures

Comparison of statistical methods for determining risk of leakage from soil gas monitoring

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within bayesian approaches provide

An analysis of Bayesian estimates for missing higher orders in perturbative calculations

GuideBoot: Guided Bootstrap for Deep Contextual Banditsin Online Advertising

Bayesian Approaches sentence examples within bayesian approaches offer

Computational Mechanisms of Addiction: Recent Evidence and Its Relevance to Addiction Medicine

A comprehensive review of Bayesian statistics in natural hazards engineering

Non-invasive neurostimulation modulates processing of spatial frequency information in rapid perception of faces.

Toward Efficient Bayesian Approaches to Inference in Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Inferring Animal Behavior

The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS). The stellar counterparts of eROSITA sources indentified by machine learning and Bayesian algorithms

A hybrid framework for improving uncertainty quantification in deep learning-based QSAR regression modeling

On the Quantification of Discretization Uncertainty: Comparison of Two Paradigms

Computational modeling approaches to characterize risk and achieve safe, effective, and trusted designs in the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous closed-loop medical systems

Phylogenetic diversity of 200+ isolates of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Cenococcum geophilum associated with Populus trichocarpa soils in the Pacific Northwest, USA and comparison to globally distributed representatives

Tackling the phylogenetic conundrum of Hydroidolina (Cnidaria: Medusozoa: Hydrozoa) by assessing competing tree topologies with targeted high-throughput sequencing

Parameter estimation and selection efficiency under Bayesian and frequentist approaches in peach trials

Assessing safety at the end of clinical trials using system organ classes: A case and comparative study.

AI in drug development: a multidisciplinary perspective

The multivariate analysis of variance as a powerful approach for circular data

Report of the NAMMCO-ICES Workshop on Seal Modelling (WKSEALS 2020)

Using Micro-CT and petrographic analysis to select optimal U-Th samples from challenging stalagmites.

Correlated Evolution in the Small Parsimony Framework*

Estimating the Parameters of (POGE-G) Distribution and Its Application to Egyptian Mortality Rates

Learning Social Networks from Text Data using Covariate Information

Bayesian approaches to variable selection: a comparative study from practical perspectives

Bayesian graphical models for modern biological applications

Count Time Series: A Methodological Review

A comparison of estimation methods for reliability function of inverse generalized Weibull distribution under new loss function

Bayesian estimation and prediction based on Rayleigh record data with applications

Evaluation of distance-based approaches for forensic comparison: Application to hand odor evidence.

Multicomponent stress-strength reliability estimation based on unit generalized Rayleigh distribution

Phylogenetic relationships among cryptic species of the Phyllotis xanthopygus complex (Rodentia, Cricetidae)

Statistical Methods for Comparing Test Positivity Rates Between Countries: Which Method Should be Used and Why?

Association between Migraine and the Risk of Stroke: A Bayesian Meta-Analysis

Lightning Location System Detections as Evidence: A Unique Bayesian Framework

Bayesian Models Applied to Cyber Security Anomaly Detection Problems

Fay-Herriot Model-Based Prediction Alternatives for Estimating Households with Emigrated Members

Lessons from Pharmacovigilance: Pulmonary Immune-Related Adverse Events After Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

A novel method to generating two-sided class of probability distributions

Bayesian survival analysis for early detection of treatment effects in phase 3 clinical trials

Ontogeny, evolution and function of lobed stems in the evolution of the climbing growth form in Malvaceae (Byttneria Loefl.).

Predicting the Result of English Premier League Matches

The 2019 Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference

Comparing and combining evidence of treatment effects in randomized and nonrandomized studies on the use of misoprostol to prevent postpartum hemorrhage

A survey of parameter and state estimation in queues

Validation Using Bayesian Methods

Modelo Poisson Zero-Modificado com efeito aleatório para dados longitudinais

Technical note: Uncertainty in multi-source partitioning using large tracer data sets

Periodic autoregressive models with closed skew-normal innovations

Phylogeny, morphology and the role of hybridization as driving force of evolution in grass tribes Aveneae and Poeae (Poaceae)

A Comparison of Frequentist and Bayesian Approaches: The Power to Detect Model Misspecifications in Confirmatory Factor Analytic Models

Efficient neural decoding of self-location with a deep recurrent network

Maximum likelihood prediction of records from 3-parameter Weibull distribution and some approximations

Parameter estimation for the exponential-Poisson distribution based on ranked set samples

Quantile Regression and Beyond in Statistical Analysis of Data

Phylogenetic comparative methods improve the selection of characters for generic delimitations in a hyperdiverse Neotropical orchid clade

Bayesian Scan Statistics

Statistical Inference for Lognormal Distribution with Type-I Progressive Hybrid Censored Data

On the estimation problem of periodic autoregressive time series: symmetric and asymmetric innovations

Scalable Bayesian Non-linear Matrix Completion

Quasi noise-free reconstruction of long-wavelength digital holograms

Data kit inversion and uncertainty analysis

Signatures of selection for resistance to Haemonchus contortus in sheep and goats

Statistical Approaches for Investigating Periods of Susceptibility in Children’s Environmental Health Research

Minimum Description Length Revisited

Estimation of reliability of multicomponent stress-strength inverted exponentiated Rayleigh model

Complexities in power analysis: Quantifying uncertainties with a Bayesian-classical hybrid approach.

Direct Comparison between Bayesian and Frequentist Uncertainty Quantification for Nuclear Reactions.

Empirical evaluation of fused EEG-MEG source reconstruction. Application to auditory mismatch generators

Ellipsoidal Methods for Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

Pollen contamination and mating patterns in a Prosopis alba clonal orchard: impact on seed orchards establishment


Reliability Analysis for Water Supply Distribution and Storm Water Drainage Systems: State of the Art Review

Assessing correlation to evaluate performance of a two component system and its impact on specifying separate production requirements

A discussion of ‘prior-based Bayesian information criterion (PBIC)’

Semiparametric approaches for matched case–control studies with error-in-covariates

Estimation and prediction using classical and Bayesian approaches for Burr III model under progressive type-I hybrid censoring

Associação entre estratégias de enfrentamento e a gravidade de sintomas de estresse pós-traumático em uma amostra de estudantes universitários: abordagem frequentista vs bayesiana

Historical biogeography of the fern genus Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae) in Austral South America.

Statistical dependence for detecting whale‐watching effects on humpback whales

Hierarchical Behaviour for Object Shape Recognition Using a Swarm of Robots

Threshold models with time-varying threshold values and their application in estimating regime-sensitive Taylor rules

The future of parentage analysis: From microsatellites to SNPs and beyond

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