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Tensorial effective transport properties of Li-ion battery separators elucidated by computational multiscale modeling

Recent developments in natural mineral-based separators for lithium-ion batteries

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Electrolyte-Resistant Dual Materials for the Synergistic Safety Enhancement of Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Fabrication of Aligned PI/GO Nanofibers for Battery Separators

Recent advances on battery separators based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) and its copolymers for lithium ion battery applications

A Review on Lithium-Ion Battery Separators towards Enhanced Safety Performances and Modelling Approaches

Surface evaluation of reactive plasma-modified microporous polypropylene membrane by static contact angle analysis

Gradient-Structured Nonflammable Flexible Polymer Membranes.

Recent advances on separator membranes for lithium-ion battery applications: from porous membranes to solid electrolytes

“See” the invisibles: Inspecting battery separator defects via pressure drop

Lignin@Nafion Membranes Forming Zn Solid–Electrolyte Interfaces Enhance the Cycle Life for Rechargeable Zinc‐Ion Batteries

Robust strong electrospun polyimide composite nanofibers from a ternary polyamic acid blend

Novel synthesis of LaNiSbWO4-G-PANI Designed as Quaternary Type Composite for High Photocatalytic Performance of Anionic Dye and Trihydroxybenzoic acid under Visible-Light

Cladophora Cellulose: Unique Biopolymer Nanofibrils for Emerging Energy, Environmental, and Life Science Applications.

Sepiolite-based separator for advanced Li-ion batteries

Lignin@Nafion Membrane Enabled Zn SEI Formation Enhancing Cycle-life for Rechargeable Zinc Ion Battery.

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