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Barrier Performance sentence examples within water vapor transmission

Toward non-gas-permeable hBN film growth on smooth Fe surface

Bioinspired Oil-Infused Slippery Surfaces with Water and Ion Barrier Properties.

Barrier Performance sentence examples within water vapor permeability

Development and characterization of a novel soy protein isolate based composite film enriched with glycyrrhizin nanogel particles.

Intelligent colorimetric film incorporated with anthocyanins-loaded ovalbumin-propylene glycol alginate nanocomplexes as a stable pH indicator of monitoring pork freshness.

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Ga Barrier Performance

Gas Barrier Performance of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayers Grown on Copper Foils with Electrochemical Polishing

Toward non-gas-permeable hBN film growth on smooth Fe surface

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Oxygen Barrier Performance

Barrier performance and biodegradability of antibacterial poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) nanocomposites reinforced with a new MWCNT-ZnO nanomaterial

Thermoplastic starch and poly(vinyl alcohol) blends centered barrier film for food packaging applications

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Vapor Barrier Performance

Application of Solution Blow Spinning for Rapid Fabrication of Gelatin/Nylon 66 Nanofibrous Film

Preparation of poly(ε-caprolactone) based composites through multistage biaxial-stretching extrusion with excellent oxygen and water vapor barrier performance

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Thermal Barrier Performance

Synthesis of hollow [email protected] spheres via a recycling template method for solar heat protection coating

Investigation of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) and cellulose nanofibers (CNF) as thermal barrier and strengthening agents in pigment-based paper coatings

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Water Barrier Performance

Pilot plant scale-up of the production of optimized starch-based biocomposites loaded with cellulosic nanocrystals from Posidonia oceanica waste biomass

Water barrier performance of additively manufactured polymers coated with diamond-like carbon films

Barrier Performance sentence examples within High Barrier Performance

Enhanced gas barrier properties of polymer substrates for flexible OLEDs by adjusting the backbone rigidity and incorporating 2D nanosheets

Recent advances and future perspectives for carbon nanostructures reinforced organic coating for anti-corrosion application

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Diffusion Barrier Performance

Quantifying Mn Diffusion through Transferred versus Directly Grown Graphene Barriers.

Mechanical Properties and Diffusion Barrier Performance of CrWN Coatings Fabricated through Hybrid HiPIMS/RFMS

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Superior Barrier Performance

Graphene oxide–cerium oxide hybrids for enhancement of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings

Ni-Al layered double hydroxide films offering corrosion protection under dark or illuminated conditions

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Better Barrier Performance

Effect of whey protein isolate/chitosan/microcrystalline cellulose/PET multilayer bottles on the shelf life of rosebud beverages.

Effects of plasticizer type and concentration on rheological, physico-mechanical and structural properties of chitosan/zein film.

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Excellent Barrier Performance

Bioinspired layered hybrid coatings with greatly enhanced barrier effect and active corrosion protection performance

Synthesis, barrier performance, and molecular simulation of a high-barrier polyimide that contains amide groups

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Moisture Barrier Performance

Class-II-type nanosilica-epoxy hybrid coating with high moisture barrier performance and mechanical robustness

Self-Assembly of Ultralarge Graphene Oxide Nanosheets and Alginate into Layered Nanocomposites for Robust Packaging Materials

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Safety Barrier Performance

Assessment of safety barriers and mitigation of domino scenarios

Assessment of safety barrier performance in the mitigation of domino scenarios caused by Natech events

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Uv Barrier Performance

Development and characterization of a novel soy protein isolate based composite film enriched with glycyrrhizin nanogel particles.

Self-healable and biodegradable soy protein-based protective functional film with low cytotoxicity and high mechanical strength

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Good Barrier Performance

Enhancement of Mechanical and Barrier Property of Hemicellulose Film via Crosslinking with Sodium Trimetaphosphate

Development of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/boron nitride bionanocomposites with enhanced barrier properties

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Best Barrier Performance

Preparation of chitosan films by neutralization for improving their preservation effects on chilled meat

Improvement of Thermal Cycling Resistance of AlxSi1−xN Coatings on Cu Substrates by Optimizing Al/Si Ratio

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Oil Barrier Performance

Layer-by-layer assembly of cationic guar gum, cellulose nanocrystals and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose based multilayered composite films

Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Cationic Guar Gum, Cellulose Nanocrystals and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose based Multilayered Composite Films

Barrier Performance sentence examples within Special Barrier Performance

Effect of thickness and build orientation on the water vapor and oxygen permeation properties of laser-sintered polyamide 12 sheets

Thickness-Dependent Permeation Properties of Quenched and Standard Laser-Sintered Polyamide 12 Sheets

Barrier Performance sentence examples within barrier performance datum

Self-Verification Program in bp: Success Story of Major Accident Risk Management via Bowtie Barrier Model

Self-Verification Programme – A Success Story of Major Accident Risk Management via Bowtie Barrier Model

Corrosion properties of organic polymer coating reinforced two-dimensional nitride nanostructures: a comprehensive review

Mitigation of domino effect

Structural and Barrier Properties of Compatibilized PE/PA6 Multinanolayer Films

Rule discovery to identify patterns contributing to overrepresentation and severity of run-off-the-road crashes.

Investigating the implementation of the safety-diagnosability principle to support defence-in-depth in the nuclear industry: A Fukushima Daiichi accident case study

Cationic polyurethane from CO2-polyol as an effective barrier binder for polyaniline-based metal anti-corrosion materials

High performance characteristics of Lupinus arboreus gum extract as self-healing and corrosion inhibition agent in epoxy-based coating

Influence of bio-clogging on permeability characteristics of soil

Robust, hydrophobic anti-corrosion coating prepared by PDMS modified epoxy composite with graphite nanoplatelets/nano-silica hybrid nanofillers

Structure-Property Relationship of Cellulose Nanocrystal-Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Films for High Barrier Coating Applications.

CeO2 grafted carbon nanotube via polydopamine wrapping to enhance corrosion barrier of polyurethane coating

Anticorrosion Properties of Waterborne Polyurethane Coating Containing Caffeate Anions Intercalated LDH

The influence of temperature on the intrinsic transport properties of water in inorganic and polymeric coatings

A Simulation Study to Assess Fluid Leakage through the Glove-Gown Interface in Isolation Settings.

More Barrier Performance 배리어 성능 sentence examples

Non-Woven Barrier Properties of External Layer for Wound Matrix

Enhancing the barrier effect of sol-gel derived inorganic coating by doping h-BN nanosheet

Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of Spray Coated Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose on the Packaging Paper

Environmental reliability and moisture barrier properties of silicon nitride and silicon oxide films using roll-to-roll plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Macro and Micro Routes to High Performance Bioplastics: Bioplastic Biodegradability and Mechanical and Barrier Properties

Characterization of electrospun polyurethane/polyacrylonitrile nanofiber for protective textiles

Electroanalytical and surface studies on the protective action of a coating of [email protected] on mild steel in acidic and saline environment

Influence of fluorinated graphene-modified epoxy coatings on the corrosion behaviour of 2024 aluminium alloy

Laponite-Incorporated UiO-66-NH2-Polyethylene Oxide Composite Membranes for Protection against Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants.

Poly(Alkylene 2,5-Thiophenedicarboxylate) Polyesters: A New Class of Bio-Based High-Performance Polymers for Sustainable Packaging

A TSV-Last Approach for 3D-IC Integration and Packaging using WNi Platable Barrier Layer

Structure and Gas Barrier Properties of Polyimide Containing a Rigid Planar Fluorene Moiety and an Amide Group: Insights from Molecular Simulations

On the Use of Persian Gum for the Development of Antiviral Edible Coatings against Murine Norovirus of Interest in Blueberries

Cinnamon Essential Oil Encapsulated into a Fish Gelatin-Bacterial Cellulose Nanocrystals Complex and Active Films Thereof

Synthesis of Rose-Like Sheet Zinc Phosphate by the Induction- Calcination Method and Its Application as a Corrosion Inhibitor in Coatings

Sensitivity analysis of influencing parameters on slit-type barrier performance against debris flow using 3D-based numerical approach

Fabricating an anti-shrinking κ-carrageenan/sodium carboxymethyl starch film by incorporating carboxylated cellulose nanofibrils for fruit preservation.

Effects of the filter microstructure and ambient air condition on the aerodynamic dispersion of sneezing droplets: A multiscale and multiphysics simulation study

Epidermis microstructure inspired mica-based coatings for smart corrosion protection

Ultra-high gas barrier composites with aligned graphene flakes and polyethylene molecules for high-pressure gas storage tanks

Nano-Laminated Metal Oxides/Polyamide Stretchable Moisture- and Gas-Barrier Films by Integrated Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition.

Influence of active nanofiller ZIF-8 metal-organic framework (MOF) by microemulsion method on anticorrosion of epoxy coatings


A Critical Review of the Time-Dependent Performance of Polymeric Pipeline Coatings: Focus on Hydration of Epoxy-Based Coatings

Solution-coated barriers for organic electronics

PEDOT-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex as Additive for Epoxy Coating with Enhanced Anticorrosion Performance

Effects of bentonite content on the corrosion evolution of low carbon steel in simulated geological disposal environment

An analytical solution for organic pollutant diffusion in a triple-layer composite liner considering the coupling influence of thermal diffusion

Extraction and application of cellulose microfibers from Washingtonia palm as a reinforcement of starch film

Novel coatings to improve the performance of multilayer biopolymeric films for food packaging applications

Improving the Barrier Properties of Packaging Paper by Polyvinyl Alcohol Based Polymer Coating—Effect of the Base Paper and Nanoclay

A New Application of Hollow Nanosilica Added to Modified Polypropylene to Prepare Nanocomposite Films

Development of an Oxygen Sensitive Model Gel System to Detect Defects in Metal Oxide Coated Multilayer Polymeric Films.

Cellulose nanocrystal-based films produced by more sustainable extraction protocols from Posidonia oceanica waste biomass

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials based on graphene oxide and silica nanoparticles and their effect on the corrosion protection properties of epoxy resin coatings

Permeation characterization and modelling of polyethylene/clay nanocomposites for packaging

Barrier mechanism of nitrogen-doped graphene against atomic oxygen irradiation

Synthesis and characterization of anticorrosion zirconia/acrylic nanocomposite resin coatings for steel

Monitoring microsphere coating processes using PAT tools in a bench scale fluid bed.

Dispersion and Performance of a Nanoclay/Whey Protein Isolate Coating upon its Upscaling as a Novel Ready-to-Use Formulation for Packaging Converters

Gas Network Development in Compact Bentonite: Key Controls on the Stability of Flow Pathways

Effect of annealing temperature on the corrosion resistance of MgO coatings on Mg alloy

Low-temperature atomic layer deposition of Al2O3/alucone nanolaminates for OLED encapsulation

Effect of Biaxial Orientation on Microstructure and Properties of Renewable Copolyesters of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) with 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid for Packaging Application

Improving properties of normal maize starch films using dual-modification: Combination treatment of debranching and hydroxypropylation.

One-component waterborne in vivo cross-linkable polysiloxane coatings for artificial skin.

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