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Barbastelles in a Production Landscape: Where Do They Roost?

Frequent or scarce? Damage to flight–enabling body parts in bats (Chiroptera)

Species diversity of bats (Chiroptera) in the Ukrainian Azov Region and features of their residence by seasons

Contribution to the natural history of Barbastella barbastellus in Turkey (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)

Acoustic monitoring of bats: experience of organization in protected areas of Podillia

Bats of the Prespa Basin in northern Greece: acoustic survey, new records and relationships to light pollution (Chiroptera)

Temperature driven hibernation site use in the Western barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus (Schreber, 1774)

Bat responses to changes in forest composition and prey abundance depend on landscape matrix and stand structure

Natural and anthropogenic factors influencing the bat community in commercial tree stands in a temperate lowland forest of natural origin (Białowieża Forest)

Landscape context matters for attractiveness and effective use of road underpasses by bats

The role of complex vegetation structures in determining hawking bat activity in temperate forests

Penis size and sperm quality, are all bats grey in the dark?

Pădurea Craiului Mountains: Izbândis Cave System

Contribución al conocimiento de los murciélagos (Mammalia, Chiroptera) del Parque Natural de Penyagolosa (provincia de Castellón)

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Barbastella Barbastellus 바르바스텔라 바르바스텔루스

Barbastella Barbastellus 바르바스텔라 바르바스텔루스
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