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Balance Tests sentence examples within Dynamic Balance Tests

Cortical correlates in upright dynamic and static balance in the elderly

The Relationship Between the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale and Balance Performance, Self-perceived Handicap, and Fall Status in Patients With Peripheral Dizziness or Imbalance

Balance Tests sentence examples within Static Balance Tests

Fitness vs. fatness as determinants of survival in non-institutionalized older adults: The EXERNET multi-center study.

The Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Balance Performance of Wrestlers

Balance Tests sentence examples within Functional Balance Tests

The adjunctive benefits of mirror cross education on kinetic chain exercise approach in volleyball athletes with scapular dyskinesis.

Effect of arm sling application on gait and balance in patients with post-stroke hemiplegia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Balance Tests sentence examples within Standing Balance Tests

Comparison of Two Electronic Physical Performance Batteries by Measurement Time and Sarcopenia Classification

Effect of Support Surface Quality for the Squat Exercise on Vertical Jump Performance

Balance Tests sentence examples within Beam Balance Tests

Intravenous Administration of Hair Follicle Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Insulin Growth Factor-1 Improves the Neurological Performances of Rats Following Focal Cerebral Ischemia

Inflammatory cytokines are involved in dihydrocapsaicin (DHC) and regional cooling infusion (RCI)-induced neuroprotection in ischemic rat

Balance Tests sentence examples within Performed Balance Tests

Different visual manipulations have similar effects on quasi-static and dynamic balance responses of young and older people

Effects of Balance Shoes on Balance and Postural Stability in the Elderly: A Crossover, Controlled, Randomized Single-Blind Study

Balance Tests sentence examples within Fmy Balance Tests

Campus safety and the internet of wearable things: assessing student safety conditions on campus while riding a smart scooter

Energy spectral density as valid parameter to compare postural control between subjects with nonspecific chronic low back pain vs healthy subjects: A case-control study.

Balance Tests sentence examples within Leg Balance Tests

Concussion History and Balance Performance in Adolescent Rugby Union Players

Gait and Balance Disorder in Patients with Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Stroke

Balance Tests sentence examples within Y Balance Tests

Effects of supplemental jump and sprint exercise training on sand on athletic performance of male U17 handball players

The Effects of Specific Stretching Exercises on Flexibility and Balance Parameters in Gymnastics.

Balance Tests sentence examples within Tech Balance Tests

Screening for Vestibular Disorders Using the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance and Tandem Walking With Eyes Closed.

Screening for Vestibular Disorders Using the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance and Tandem Walking With Eyes Closed.

Balance Tests sentence examples within Field Balance Tests

Associations Between Static and Dynamic Field Balance Tests in Assessing Postural Stability of Female Undergraduate Dancers.

Associations Between Balance Ability and Dance Performance Using Field Balance Tests.

Balance Tests sentence examples within Foot Balance Tests

The Effect of 8-Week Core Training on Balance, Agility and Explosive Force Performance.

Effects of Heat Exposure from Live-Burn Fire Training on Postural Stability of Firefighters.

Balance Tests sentence examples within Clinical Balance Tests

Association of posturography with clinical measures in balance rehabilitation of ataxic patients

Using Clinical Balance Tests to Assess Fall Risk among Established Unilateral Lower Limb Prosthesis Users: Cutoff Scores and Associated Validity Indices

Balance Tests sentence examples within Postural Balance Tests

Avaliação do equilíbrio postural em idosas com baixa densidade mineral óssea: caidoras e não caidoras.

[Relationship between anthropometry and balance of postural control in children 6-9 years old].

Balance Tests sentence examples within Excursion Balance Tests

Are the Current Balance Screening Tests in Dance Medicine Specific Enough for Tracking the Effectiveness of Balance-Related Injury Rehabilitation in Dancers? A Scoping Review.

The Effects of Core Stabilization Training Program on Endurance and Balance in Cricketers

Balance Tests sentence examples within balance tests showed

Static Balancing Ability and Lower Body Kinematics Examination of Hungarian Folk Dancers: A Pilot Study Investigating the “Kalocsai Mars” Dance Sequence

Evaluation of the Effects of Core-Quick Strength and Core-Plyometric Studies on Balance, Agility and Strength Traits of Volleyball Players.

Effects of virtual reality versus conventional balance training on balance of the elderly

Correlation between Motor Strategies of Balance Control and Causes of Fall in Post-Operative Elderly Individuals

Limb symmetry index and pre-injury performance level after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A case report on a female gymnast

The Stepping Threshold Test for Reactive Balance: Validation of Two Observer-Based Evaluation Strategies to Assess Stepping Behavior in Fall-Prone Older Adults

The effect of fear of falling on balance and dual task performance in the elderly

Functional outcomes and physical performance of knee osteoarthritis patients after ultrasound-guided genicular nerve radiofrequency ablation.

Predicting Upper Quadrant Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Military: A Cohort Study.

Combined Chair-Based Exercises Improve Functional Fitness, Mental Well-Being, Salivary Steroid Balance, and Anti-microbial Activity in Pre-frail Older Women

The evaluation of functional abilities of patients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures as a basis for rehabilitation programs developing

More Balance Tests 균형 테스트 sentence examples

A symptom-adapted physical activity intervention during induction chemotherapy for older adults with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) to maintain physical function.

Association between pre-participation characteristics and risk of injury amongst pre-professional dancers.

The Role of Dental Occlusion and Neuromuscular Behavior in Professional Ballet Dancers’ Performance: A Pilot Study

Using augmented reality technology for balance training in the older adults: a feasibility pilot study

Effects of a Neuromuscular Warm-Up Program in Youth Female Soccer Players


The Prevalence and Associated Factors of the Fear of Falling in Elderly Patients at the Primary Care Clinic of Songklanagarind Hospital

Evaluation of Concurrent Validity between a Smartphone Self-Test Prototype and Clinical Instruments for Balance and Leg Strength

A Fast Balance Test Method of Screening for Vestibular Disorders Using Low Cost Camera and Personal Computer

Neural control of postural sway: Relationship to strength measures in young and elderly adults

The effect of static and dynamic balance training on balance in children with congenital blindness

More Balance Tests 균형 테스트 sentence examples

Changes in event‐related potential functional networks predict traumatic brain injury in piglets

Normative Data for the BTrackS Balance Test Concussion-Management Tool: Results From 10 045 Athletes Aged 8 to 21 Years.

Comparison of static and dynamic balance during early follicular and ovulation phases in healthy women, using simple, clinical tests: a cross sectional study


Validation of a Motor-Cognitive Assessment for a Stepping Exergame in Older Adults: Use of Game-Specific, Internal Data Stream.

Comparison of Foot Structure, Function, Plantar Pressure and Balance Ability According to the Body Mass Index of Young Adults


Peripheral Vestibular and Balance Function in Athletes With and Without Concussion

Conventional administration and scoring procedures suppress the diagnostic accuracy of a performance-based test designed to assess balance ability in lower limb prosthesis users

Postural stability: assessment of auditory input in normal hearing individuals and hearing aid users

Postural stability pattern as an important safety factor of firefighters.

Norwegian reference values for the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB): the Tromsø Study

The Relationship Between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Physical Performance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

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