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Six centuries of adaptation to a challenging island environment: AMS 14C dating and stable isotopic analysis of pre-Columbian human remains from the Bahamian archipelago reveal dietary trends

Relationships between Fishing Pressure and Stock Structure in Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas) Populations: Synthesis of Long-Term Surveys and Evidence for Overfishing in The Bahamas

Sea-level trends across The Bahamas constrain peak last interglacial ice melt

Marine reservoir corrections for the Caribbean demonstrate high intra- and inter-island variability in local reservoir offsets

Autohaemorrhaging in a Bahamian pygmy boa, Tropidophis curtus barbouri

Degrading windward patch reefs and processes influencing composition, mineralogy, and stable-isotope record of peri-reefal sediment, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Ship Graffiti on the Islands of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico: A Comparative Analysis

Assessment of storm surge and structural damage on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, associated with Hurricane Joaquin (2015)

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Bahamian Archipelago 바하마 제도

Bahamian Archipelago 바하마 제도
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