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Axial Gas sentence examples within axial gas flow

Metallurgical Failure Analysis of an Axial Gas Flow Valve: The Erosion of Valve Cage Closures

Disintegration co-flowing gas-liquid jet coupled with forced perturbation

Axial Gas sentence examples within axial gas turbine

Techno-economic analysis of offshore isothermal compressed air energy storage in saline aquifers co-located with wind power

High-power mode control for triaxial gas turbines with variable power turbine guide vanes

Axial Gas sentence examples within axial gas velocity

Influence of the inlet cross-sectional shape on the performance of a multi-inlet gas cyclone

Investigations of Gas–Particle Two-Phase Flow in Swirling Combustor by the Particle Stokes Numbers

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Axial Gas sentence examples within axial gas temperature

Mechanisms of gas temperature variation of the atmospheric microwave plasma torch

Numerical Investigation on Porous Media Quenching Behaviors of Premixed Deflagrating Flame using RANS/LES Model

Axial Gas sentence examples within axial gas chamber

Classification of Partial Discharge Sources by SF6 Decomposition By-Products

Investigation of SF6 Decomposition Under Partial Discharge Induced by Protrusion Defect

Design of methane/oxygen fuelled bipropellant rocket engine

Cuticular conductance of adaxial and abaxial leaf surfaces and its relation to minimum leaf surface conductance.

Unfolding the stomach in the chest.

Gastric necrosis following a hiatal hernia: A case report.


Vólvulo gástrico en una paciente nonagenaria: intervención endoscópica y laparoscópica. Reporte de caso

Acute gastric volvulus: A rare case report and literature review

Effect of gas jet angle on primary breakup and droplet size applying coaxial gas-assisted atomizers

Mesenteroaxial Gastric Volvulus: A Case Report.

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An integrated Eulerian-Lagrangian-Eulerian investigation of coaxial gas-powder flow and intensified particle-melt interaction in directed energy deposition process

Longitudinal Gastrectomy for Nonbariatric Indications

Chronic Gastric Volvulus as a Late Complication of Hepatectomy for Hepatoblastoma in a Child: A Case Report

Single-incision laparoscopic gastropexy for mesentero-axial gastric volvulus

Wave Dynamic Mechanisms in Coaxial Hydrogen/Liquid-Oxygen Jet Flames

Measurement on the flow structure of a gas-liquid separator applied in TMSR

Acute gastric volvulus with pneumatosis intestinalis and portal venous gas secondary to hiatus hernia induced gastric outlet obstruction

Gastric Dilatation Organoaxial Volvulus in a Dog.

Individually addressable double quantum dots formed with nanowire polytypes and identified by epitaxial markers

Concurrent occurrence of a wandering spleen, organoaxial gastric volvulus, pancreatic volvulus, and cholestasis – A rare cause of an acute abdomen

Laparoscopic repair of paraesophageal hernia with organo‐axial intrathoracic gastric volvulus

Acute Organo-Axial Gastric Volvulus – A Complication of Anti-Reflux Surgery

Chronic Mesentero-Axial Gastric Volvulus Associated with a Parahiatal Diaphragmatic Hernia: A Rare Entity

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Advantage of heteroepitaxial GaSb thin-film buffer and GaSb dot nucleation layer for GaSb/AlGaSb multiple quantum well structure grown on Si(1 0 0) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy

Wandering spleen in a geriatric patient – a rare presentation of gastric volvulus

Cardiopulmonary Impairments Caused by a Large Hiatal Hernia with Organoaxial Gastric Volvulus Showing Upside-Down Stomach: A Case Report

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Axial Gas 축방향 가스

Axial Gas 축방향 가스
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