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Avoidance System sentence examples within rear end collision

REEEC-AGENT: human driver cognition and emotions-inspired rear-end collision avoidance method for autonomous vehicles

Novel Collision Detection and Avoidance System for Midvehicle Using Offset-Based Curvilinear Motion

Avoidance System sentence examples within intelligent anti collision

Design of Ship Intelligent Collision Prevention System Based on Computer Vision

Avoidance System sentence examples within Collision Avoidance System

Research Review on Parking Space Detection Method

Vehicle Speed Control and Accident Prevention System in Smog Zone

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Avoidance System sentence examples within Obstacle Avoidance System

Navigation Simulation of Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on TEB Path Planner

Application of a Scaled Ground Vehicle in a Testbed of Heterogeneous Autonomous Systems

Avoidance System sentence examples within Accident Avoidance System

Real-Time Drowsiness Identification based on Eye State Analysis


Avoidance System sentence examples within Crash Avoidance System

Safety assessment of automated vehicles: how to determine whether we have collected enough field data?

Unmanned Surface Vehicle Prototype with Obstacle Avoidance System Area: Applications and Evaluation of Real-Time Big Data Systems

Avoidance System sentence examples within Disclosure Avoidance System

Census TopDown: The Impacts of Differential Privacy on Redistricting

Changes in Census Data Will Affect Our Understanding of Infant Health

Avoidance System sentence examples within avoidance system x

Generating Probabilistic Safety Guarantees for Neural Network Controllers

Integration and Flight Test of Small UAS Detect and Avoid on A Miniaturized Avionics Platform

A Robust and Fast Collision-Avoidance Approach for Micro Aerial Vehicles Using a Depth Sensor

Design of hazard based model and collision avoidance system

Study on a Risk Model and Target Detection for Prediction and Avoidance of Unmanned Environmental Hazard

Maneuver Control and Avoidance System For Tracked Vehicle Robot

Insect-Computer Hybrid System for Autonomous Search and Rescue Mission

Camera and LiDAR Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Tracking in a Collision Avoidance System

Algorithm for Path Planning of Mobile Robot

An Inconspicuous, Integrated Electronic Travel Aid for Visual Impairment

Toward a collision avoidance system based on the integration of technologies

Effect of Thermal Aging on the Interface Fracture Toughness of the PCB-UF Interface

High-Resolution and Large-Detection-Range Virtual Antenna Array for Automotive Radar Applications

A Brain Wave-Verified Driver Alert System for Vehicle Collision Avoidance

A VRU Collision Warning System with Kalman-Filter-Based Positioning Accuracy Improvement

Novel Formulation for Line of Sight Guidance and Obstacle Avoidance for Under-actuated Ships

Continuous Contract Based Verification of Updates in Maritime Shipboard Equipment

Comparison of Connected Automated Vehicle to Pedestrian Interaction Systems to Reduce Vehicle Waiting Times

A Study on Iot Based Flood Detection Management System

Burst and Tonic Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Mechanical Conflict‐Avoidance System: Cognitive‐Motivational Aspects

Research Progress of the Assessment Model of Collision Risk

Advance Anti-collision Device for Vehicles Using GPS and Zigbee

Target Detection, Tracking and Avoidance System for Low-cost UAVs using AI-Based Approaches

A Review on IoT Deep Learning UAV Systems for Autonomous Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance

Applying AI-Based Solutions to Avoid Bird Collisions at Wind Parks

Aeroecology meets aviation safety: early warning systems in Europe and the Middle East prevent collisions between birds and aircraft

Agent-Based Traffic Obstacles Information System

Study on Behavior Prediction Using Multi-object Recognition and Map Information in Road Environment

Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Vehicle based on a 2D LIDAR

Map Matching using Line Segment Features for Self-Vehicle Localization in Road Environments

Towards secure and privacy preserving collision avoidance system in 5G fog based Internet of Vehicles

Dysfunctional cognitive control and reward processing in adolescents with Internet gaming disorder.

Quadcopter-Based Rapid Response First-Aid Unit with Live Video Monitoring

5.9 GHz Spectrum Sharing

An Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System for Mobile Robot with a Laser Radar

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Avoidance System 회피 시스템

Avoidance System 회피 시스템
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