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Image Analysis Reveals That Lenticel Damage Does Not Result in Black Spot Development but Enhances Dehydration in Persea americana Mill. cv. Hass during Prolonged Storage

Assessing avocado firmness at different dehydration levels in a multi-sensor framework

In vitro and in vivo Application of Eco-friendly Treatments to Control Postharvest Stem-end Rot of Naturally Infected Avocado (cv. Pollock)

Exploring genetic diversity of lowland avocado as a genetic reservoir for breeding.

Insights into Drivers of Liking for Avocado Pulp (Persea americana): Integration of Descriptive Variables and Predictive Modeling

Rendimiento, calidad y comportamiento poscosecha de frutos de aguacate ‘Hass’ de huertos con diferente fertilización

Application of stressed and microencapsulated Meyerozyma caribbica for the control of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in avocado (Persea americana Mill. cv. Hass)

Exploring genetic diversity of lowland avocado (Persea americana Mill.) as a genetic reservoir for breeding

Molecular and biochemical analyses of avocado (Persea americana) reveal differences in the oil accumulation pattern between the mesocarp and seed during the fruit developmental period

Diversidad genética del aguacate criollo en Nayarit, México, determinada por ISSR

Chemical characterization of oil from four Avocado varieties cultivated in Morocco

Effect of Postharvest Methyl Jasmonate Treatment on Early-Matured “Hass” Avocado Fruit Exocarp Colour Development during Ripening

Morte de árvores de plátano causada por Phytophthora cinnamomi

Fungi Associated With Post-harvest Avocado Fruit Rot at Jimma Town, Southwestern Ethiopia

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Avocado Fruits 아보카도 과일

Avocado Fruits 아보카도 과일
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