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Newest Diabetes-Related Technologies for Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes and Its Impact on Routine Care: a Narrative Synthesis of the Literature

Development of an Automated Delivery Vehicle

Smart Automated Language Teaching Through the Smart Sender Platform

Intervention development of a brief messaging intervention for a randomised controlled trial to improve diabetes treatment adherence in sub-Saharan Africa

Dosimetric Evaluation of Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Skull Base Meningiomas Using HyperArc and Multicriteria Optimization

Seeing the wood for the trees: Insights into reducing inhalational agent consumption

The Algorithm of a Game-Based System in the Relation between an Operator and a Technical Object in Management of E-Commerce Logistics Processes with the Use of Machine Learning

INFOGEST inter-laboratory recommendations for assaying gastric and pancreatic lipases activities prior to in vitro digestion studies

670 Changes in Childhood Sleep Patterns in an Intervention Study Prior to and During COVID19 Restrictions

Automatic Student Writing Evaluation: Investigating the Impact of Individual Differences on Source-Based Writing

Resettable skin interfaced microfluidic sweat collection devices with chemesthetic hydration feedback

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Automated Delivery 자동 배송

Automated Delivery 자동 배송
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