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Generalized Bayes Estimation of Spatial Autoregressive Models

Climate, Landforms, and Geology Affect Baseflow Sources in a Mountain Catchment

Development of a Mixed-Effects Individual-Tree Basal Area Increment Model for Oaks (Quercus spp.) Considering Forest Structural Diversity

Wild multiplicative bootstrap for M and GMM estimators in time series

Bootstrapping INAR models

Model-based physiological noise removal in fast fMRI

The Latent Scale Covariogram: A Tool for Exploring the Spatial Dependence Structure of Nonnormal Responses

Zero-Inflated NGINAR(1) process

Estimation of autocorrelation distances for in-situ geotechnical properties using limited data

On auxiliary information-based control charts for autocorrelated processes with application in manufacturing industry

Neurocoputing Approach to View The Possible Association Between Sunspot Numbers and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall

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Autocorrelation Structure 자기상관 구조

Autocorrelation Structure 자기상관 구조
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