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“É devagar, devagarinho”: insubordinação criativa teórico-metodológica como suporte a uma investigação etnomatemática

Indigenous music learning in contemporary contexts: Nurturing learner identity, agency, and passion

S-VVAD: Visual Voice Activity Detection by Motion Segmentation

The Weight of Our Words: Language and Teacher Agency from the Perspective of Gee’s ‘Cultural Models’

Copyright and Joint Authorship as a Disruption of the Video Game Streaming Industry

Université de Montréal Objective and Structured Checklist for Assessment of Audiovisual Recordings of Surgeries/techniques (UM-OSCAARS): a validation study

From Detectables to Inspectables: Understanding Qualitative Analysis of Audiovisual Data

Inventario y composición florística de la flora urbana de uso ornamental y paisajístico en el municipio de Peque (Occidente de Antioquia)

Multimodal membership categorization and storytelling in a guided tour

Automatic recording of individual oestrus vocalisation in group-housed dairy cattle: development of a cattle call monitor.

Interweaving and Enriching Digital Music Collections for Scholarship, Performance, and Enjoyment

The Organization of the Use of Audiovisual Recordings of Synchronous Lessons in the Process of Distance Learning

Power and Challenges of Big Data: Why Clinical Researchers Should Not Be Ignored

Experimental investigation of high-viscosity oil–water flow in vertical pipes: flow patterns and pressure gradient

Electrophysiological Changes Following Human Muscle Tear: A Potential Confounder.

iCanCope With Pain: Cultural Adaptation and Usability Testing of a Self-Management App for Adolescents With Persistent Pain in Norway

Hezbollah, Islamic State of Iraq And Syria And Foreign Interests in The Middle East

OUTTAKES: un Archivio Audiovisivo sul Movimento LGBTQI in Italia

Distinguishing a ‘hit’ from a ‘view’: Using the access durations of lecture recordings to tell whether learning might have happened

First Steps from Walking in Snow to Cross-Country Skiing: An Interactional Perspective on Ephemeral Surfaces for Personal Mobility

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Audiovisual Recordings 시청각 녹음

Audiovisual Recordings 시청각 녹음
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