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Effect of Gold Nanospheres and Nanodots on the Performance of PEDOT:PSS Solar Cells.

Native MicroRNA Targets Trigger Self-Assembly of Nanozyme-Patterned Hollowed Nanocuboids with Optimal Interparticle Gaps for Plasmonic-Activated Cancer Detection.

Self-Assembled Polysaccharide–Diphenylalanine/Au Nanospheres for Photothermal Therapy and Photoacoustic Imaging

Seed-Mediated Growth of Au Nanospheres into Hexagonal Stars and the Emergence of a Hexagonal Close-Packed Phase.

Switching plasmonic Fano resonance in gold nanosphere-nanoplate heterodimers.

Citrate-reduced Au nanoparticles vs. monodisperse spheres: extinction and dynamic light scattering measurements

Study of Extinction Characteristics of Au–Ag Nanosphere Periodic Array

Copper Sulfide Facilitates Hepatobiliary Clearance of Gold Nanoparticles through the Copper-Transporting ATPase ATP7B.

Synthesis of Au/CdSe Janus Nanoparticles with Efficient Charge Transfer for Improving Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

Plasmon resonance enhanced WS2 photodetector with ultra-high sensitivity and stability

Silver Nanotowers: Lift-Up Architecture and Plasmonic Applications

Ambient Electrosynthesis of Ammonia Using Core-Shell Structured Au@C Catalyst Fabricated by One-Step Laser-Ablation Technique.

Self-assembly urchin-like Au-NSs arrays and application as surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates

Growth behavior of Au/Cu2−xS hybrids and their plasmon-enhanced dual-functional catalytic activity

Photochemical Synthesis of Porous CuFeSe2/Au Heterostructured Nanospheres as SERS Sensor for Ultrasensitive Detection of Lung Cancer Cells and Their Biomarkers

A Quantitative Analysis of the Reduction Kinetics Involved in the Synthesis of Au@Pd Concave Nanocubes.

An Optical Microfiber Biosensor for CEACAM5 Detection in Serum: Sensitization by a Nanosphere Interface.

Plasmonic resonance energy transfer from a Au nanosphere to quantum dots at a single particle level and its homogenous immunoassay.

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Au Nanosphere 금 나노스피어

Au Nanosphere 금 나노스피어
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