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Engaging Students in Asynchronous Advising Using the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel: Toward a Critical Approach

Chimera: efficiently training large-scale neural networks with bidirectional pipelines

Satisfaction with online learning in the new normal: perspective of students and faculty at medical and health sciences colleges

Analog Simulation of Neutron Evolution in Reactor Dynamics Problems

Hybrid asynchronous brain–computer interface for yes/no communication in patients with disorders of consciousness

Synergistic action of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase and maltogenic amylase improves the bioconversion of starch to malto-oligosaccharides

Actor Model versus TPL for applications development

Survey of case study users during pandemic shift to remote instruction.

Porting NEMO diagnostics to GPU accelerators

The Digital WHOmanities Project: Best Practices for Digital Pedagogy in the Pandemic Era

Hierarchical Task Assignment and Path Finding with Limited Communication for Robot Swarms

Minimizing delay and packet delay variation in switched 5G transport networks

Compound Asynchronous Exploration and Exploitation

Accelerating Distributed Training in Heterogeneous Clusters via a Straggler-Aware Parameter Server

Ship-to-Shore Wireless Communication for Asynchronous Data Delivery to the Remote Islands

Analysis of Applications Conceived by Object Enhanced Time Petri Nets

Effectively Unified optimization for Large-scale Graph Community Detection

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Asynchronous Approach 비동기식 접근

Asynchronous Approach 비동기식 접근
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