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Lower-Limb Exoskeleton With Variable-Structure Series Elastic Actuators: Phase-Synchronized Force Control for Gait Asymmetry Correction

Toward Generalization of Bipedal Gait Cycle During Stair Climbing Using Learning From Demonstration

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Design and control of a passive compliant actuation with positioning measurement by LED and photodiode detector for medical application

Designing a self-tuning regulator controller for a non-linear and MIMO Exoskeleton system assist test setup with adaptive decoupling

A Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Staircases for Rehabilitative Exoskeletons

Kinematic Analysis and Co-simulation of 3UPS/S Parallel Mechanis

Positive Effect Study of a Passive Waist-Assistive Exoskeleton on Human Muscle Activity and Stability

Exoskeleton acceptance and its relationship to self-efficacy enhancement, perceived usefulness, and physical relief: A field study among logistics workers

Hybrid oscillator-based no-delay hip exoskeleton control for free walking assistance

Coupled exoskeleton assistance simplifies control and maintains metabolic benefits: a simulation study

A Semi-active Exoskeleton Based on EMGs Reduces Muscle Fatigue When Squatting

Occupational Exoskeletons: Overview of Their Benefits and Limitations in Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Assistive Exoskeleton Control with User-Tuned Multi-Objective Optimization

Model-based control for exoskeletons with series elastic actuators evaluated on sit-to-stand movements

A Neuromuscular-Model Based Control Strategy to Minimize Muscle Effort in Assistive Exoskeletons

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Assistive Exoskeleton 보조 외골격

Assistive Exoskeleton 보조 외골격
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