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Stability Analysis of Company Co-Mention Network and Market Graph Over Time Using Graph Similarity Measures

The Evolution of the Spatial Association Effect of Carbon Emissions in Transportation: A Social Network Perspective

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Creating an integrated agent-based travel demand model by combining mobiTopp and MATSim

Real-time Traffic Assignment Using Engineered Customizable Contraction Hierarchies

A New Search Algorithm for Allocating Pilots in Asymptotic TDD Massive MIMO Systems

Simulation and minimization: technical advances for factorial experiments designed to optimize clinical interventions

Route Set Generation for Quick Scan Applications of Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Bird Species Recognition Using Unsupervised Modeling of Individual Vocalization Elements

Multisynchrosqueezing Transform

Probabilistic neuroanatomical assignment of intracranial electrodes using the ELAS toolbox

A data mining approach for population-based methods to solve the JSSP

Lesson study for learning community: A way of collegial participation of teachers and lecturers

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Assignment Procedure 배정 절차

Assignment Procedure 배정 절차
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