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Normative data and validation of the Italian translation of the Working Memory Questionnaire (WMQ)

Effects of Low and Moderate Acute Resistance Exercise on Executive Function in Community-Living Older Adults

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An online mindfulness-based program is effective in improving affect, over-commitment, optimism and mucosal immunity

Effects of workaholism on volunteer firefighters’ performance: a moderated mediation model including supervisor recognition and emotional exhaustion

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Improvement of menopausal symptoms and the impact on work ability: A retrospective cohort pilot study.

Diagnosis of acute appendicitis and clinical outcomes following laparoscopic surgery: a cohort study

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Can a Good Performance Management Technique Improve Public Health Outcome? A Rapid Assessment of Public Health Organization in Nigeria

Who gains the most from improving working conditions? Health-related absenteeism and presenteeism due to stress at work

Toward Real-time Assessment of Workload: A Bayesian Inference Approach

Feasibility of Wearable Electromyography (EMG) to Assess Construction Workers’ Muscle Fatigue

Beer versus bits: CO2-based accessibility analysis of firms’ location choices and implications for low carbon workplace development

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment: Implementation Into an RN-BSN Curriculum

Effect of Management Strategies in Entrenching Organisational Safety Culture in the Electricity Industry of Zambia

Increasing Schedule Predictability in Hourly Jobs: Results From a Randomized Experiment in a U.S. Retail Firm

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Avaliação rápida do membro superior (RULA) na investigação ergonômica: uma revisão abrangente

[Associations of Work-Related Strain with Subjective Sleep Quality and Individual Daytime Sleepiness].

A deep learning-based RULA method for working posture assessment

Evolution of Workforce Diversity in Surgery✰.

Validity and Reliability of the Updated CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard.

Assessing Workers Perceived Risk During Construction Task Using A Wristband-Type Biosensor

Road to healthcare professional’s burnout: poor empathy and impaired work ability, are they cause or effect?

The Impact on Working Memory of the 4-D Multiple Resource Model as Embedded in Interpretation Training

Development of an Online Peer Assessment System in Teamwork Skills—A Preliminary Survey

The Effect of Fatigue on Working Memory and Auditory Perceptual Abilities in Trained Musicians.

Lifetime vibration dose correlates with severity of the neurological component of hand-arm vibration syndrome among tyre shop workers in Kelantan, Malaysia.

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Assessing Work 작업 평가

Assessing Work 작업 평가
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