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Executive functions and parenting stress in mothers with problematic substance use

Parenting under pressure: A mixed-methods investigation of the impact of COVID-19 on family life

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Parental decision and intent towards COVID-19 vaccination in children with asthma. An econometric analysis

Parental stress and adolescent bullying perpetration and victimization: The mediating role of adolescent anxiety and family resilience.

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Perceived parental over-protection in non clinical young adults is associated with affective vulnerability: A cross-sectional study.

Parenting Desire Among Childless Lesbian and Gay Individuals in China: The Influence of Traditional Family Values, Minority Stress, and Parenting Motivation

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Development and validation of the parenting and child tooth brushing assessment questionnaire.

Childhood family connection and adult flourishing: associations across levels of childhood adversity.

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Assessment of the Reach, Usability, and Perceived Impact of “Talking Is Power”: A Parental Sexual Health Text-Messaging Service and Web-Based Resource to Empower Sensitive Conversations with American Indian and Alaska Native Teens

Perception of Parents Towards COVID-19 Vaccine for Children in Saudi Population

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Pathways linking parental health literacy with health behaviours directed at the child: a scoping review.

Uncertainty and Posttraumatic Stress: Differences Between Mothers and Fathers of Infants with Disorders of Sex Development

Self-control and coping responses are mediating factors between child behavior difficulties and parental stress and family impact in caregivers of children with severe epilepsy

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Parental support and perceived self-efficacy − a study of parental perceptions in an early childhood child psychiatry unit

First microsatellite markers for the European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) and their application in analysis of parentage and genetic diversity

Development and initial validation of the hardiness based parenting behaviors questionnaire (HBPBQ)

Parent’s Satisfaction of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Iran

Parent Perceptions of Changes in Child Physical Activity During COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders

Geochemical constraints on the middle Triassic Kani Zarrineh karst bauxite deposit, Irano–Himalayan belt, NW Iran: Implications for elemental fractionation and parental affinity

Parental Awareness of Accidents Prevention Strategies towards the Physical Wellbeing of Preschool Children in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State

A mixed-method evaluation of video interaction guidance (VIG) delivered by early-years workers in a socially disadvantaged urban community

Developing new scales for assessing parents’ aural and oral rehabilitation skills to interact with children with hearing loss

Validation of a Tool to Assess the Multidimensional Needs of the Parents of Children With Cancer.

First microsatellite markers for the European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) and their application in analysis of parentage and genetic diversity

Parental Knowledge Regarding Dental Radiography of Children Attending Dental Clinics in Ilam, Iran

Longitudinal psychometric evaluation of the developmental disorder parenting stressor index with Japanese parents of children with autism

Spanish validation of the Parental Psychological Control Scale and Parental Psychological ControlDisrespect Scale

Mandated Reporters: The Ethical Education of Medical Students on Pediatrics Clerkship

Parental Expressed Emotion Towards Child with Psychiatric Disorder vs. Healthy Sibling

Exploring the relationship between childhood adversity and adult depression: A risk versus strengths-oriented approach.

On the Temporal Nature of Parental Burnout: Development of an Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) Tool to Assess Parental Burnout and Its Related Ever-Changing Family Context

Assessment of Attitude of Parents toward Children’s Mental Disorder and its Relation with Parents Helps Seeking Behaviors

Mastery motivation, parenting, and school achievement among Hungarian adolescents

Exploration of relationship between parental distress, family functioning and post-traumatic symptoms in children

Development of parental competence scale in parents of children with autism.

Influence of Psychopharmacotherapy on the Quality of Life of Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Parents Recall of, and Reactions to, School-Based BMI Reports.

Depressive symptoms and maternal psychological distress during early infancy: A pilot study in preterm as compared with term mother-infant dyads.

Exploring psychological correlates of peers and fathers of drug addict adolescents


Parental attitude toward children’s mental disorders and its relationship with help seeking behaviors

Parental Knoweldge, Attitude, and Perception about Epilepsy and Sociocultural Barriers to Treatment

Parental Risk for Suicide and Attachment Patterns Among Adolescents With Borderline Personality Disorder. A Clinical-Based Study

Assessing Parental Attributions through an Implicit Measure: Development and Evaluation of the Noncompliance IAT

Disease-related Parenting Stress in the Post-treatment Phase of Pediatric Cancer

Response to letter, broken bones, and irresponsible testimony: Enough is enough already: The flawed Ehlers–Danlos syndrome infant fragility theory should not rule

Portuguese Version of the Parent Cognition Scale (PCS): Measuring Parental Attributions About Children’s Misbehavior

Autism risk in offspring can be assessed through quantification of male sperm mosaicism

Mindfulness, Worries, and Parenting in Parents of Children With Type 1 Diabetes

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Assessing Parent 부모 평가

Assessing Parent 부모 평가
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