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Arteriovenous Vascular Loops in Latissimus Free Flap Reconstruction of Cervical and Cervicothoracic Spine Wounds

[Research progress of in vivo bioreactor for bone tissue engineering].

Bilateral Anterolateral Thigh Myocutaneous Flaps for Giant Complex Chest Wall Reconstruction

Transcatheter Closure of Mitral Paravalvular Leak via Multiple Approaches

Complex reconstructive microsurgery cases: the role of arteriovenous loops

Gelatin methacryloyl is a slow degrading material allowing vascularization and long-term use in vivo

Transcatheter closure of the aortopulmonary window in a three-month-old infant with a symmetric membranous ventricular septal defect occluder device

Enhanced vascularization and de novo tissue formation in hydrogels made of engineered RGD-tagged spider silk proteins in the arteriovenous loop model

Successful Double DIEP Syngeneic Transplantation across Monozygotic Twins for Total Back Reconstruction

Simple to Extreme: Following the Reconstructive Ladder for Complex Posterior Trunk Reconstruction

Thoracic wall ischemia after repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm requiring large microvascular soft tissue reconstruction

Challenges in Microsurgical Reconstruction for Craniofacial Osteomyelitis With Resultant Osteonecrosis.

Wound closure by means of free flap and arteriovenous loop: Development of flap autonomy in the long‐term follow‐up

Angiogenesis and tissue formation driven by an arteriovenous loop in the mouse

Material‐Induced Venosome‐Supported Bone Tubes

Occipital cervical fusion with a vascularized free fibular graft

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Arteriovenous Loop 동정맥 루프

Arteriovenous Loop 동정맥 루프
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