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Convergent Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of the Bay Area Functional Performance Evaluation-Task-Oriented Assessment in People with Severe Psychiatric Disorders

Substitution effects on NIR-absorbing Perylene Diimide based on DFT calculation

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Survey of spiking in the mouse visual system reveals functional hierarchy.

A survey of spiking activity reveals a functional hierarchy of mouse corticothalamic visual areas

An extremum problem for the power moment of a convex polygon contained in a disc

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Rencana Zonasi Kawasan Konservasi Perairan Daerah Kota Pariaman, Provinsi Sumatera Barat

Construction of exact minimal parking garages: nonlinear helical motifs in optimally packed lamellar structures

Morse index of multiplicity one min-max minimal hypersurfaces

On one extremal problem for nonlinear Cauchy-Riemann-Beltrami systems

Functional Aspect of Seating furniture at Taman Fatahillah, Jakarta

On Minimal Surfaces on Two-Step Carnot Groups

Holographic entanglement first law for $d$ + 1 dimensional rotating cylindrical black holes

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Regularity of almost minimizing sets

Regularity Bootstrapping for 4th-order Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

Abundance of minimal surfaces

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Where to Build New Public Toilets? Multi-Source Urban Data Tell the Truth

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Area Functional 영역 기능

Area Functional 영역 기능
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