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Ardisia Crenata Sims Var. Bicolor Physiological Attributes And Soil Physico-Chemical Properties Along An Altitudinal Gradient On The Gaoligong Mountain, Southwest China

Comparative Quantitative Study of Ardisiacrispin A in Extracts from Ardisia crenata Sims Varieties and Their Cytotoxic Activities

Triterpenoid saponins and phenylpropanoid glycoside from the roots of Ardisia crenata and their cytotoxic activities.

Dissecting Metabolism of Leaf Nodules in Ardisia crenata and Psychotria punctata

The Impact of the Morphological Characteristics of Leaves on Particulate Matter Removal Efficiency of Plants

Anti‐hypertensive mechanisms of cyclic depsipeptide inhibitor ligands for Gq/11 class G proteins

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Ardisia Crenata 아르디시아 크레나타

Ardisia Crenata 아르디시아 크레나타
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