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Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Diverse Aquatic Habitat

The prevalence, putative virulence genes and antibiotic resistance profiles of Aeromonas spp. isolated from cultured freshwater fishes in peninsular Malaysia

Species Distribution Modeling And Assessment of Environmental Drivers Responsible To Distribution And Preferred Niche of Critically Endangered Endemic Ornamental Freshwater Fish Species of The Genus Sahyadria

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Natural Aquatic Habitat

Mesocosm Experiments to Quantify Predation of Mosquito Larvae by Aquatic Predators to Determine Potential of Ecological Control of Malaria Vectors in Ethiopia

Vibrio cholerae Motility in Aquatic and Mucus-Mimicking Environments

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Different Aquatic Habitat

Fish in the desert: Identifying fish trade routes and the role of Red Sea parrotfish (Scaridae) during the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods

Clonality in Invasive Alien Macrophytes in Kashmir Himalaya: A Stage Based Approach

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Temporary Aquatic Habitat

Biological Impact of Photoperiod on Fairy Shrimp (Branchinecta orientalis): Life History and Biochemical Composition

Species composition, spatio-temporal variation and habitat characterization of Anopheline larvae in Bure district, northwestern Ethiopia

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Shallow Aquatic Habitat

Dynamic visual noise promotes social attraction, but does not affect group size preference, in a shoaling fish

Enhanced ambient UVB radiation affects post-mating, but not pre-mating sexual traits in a fish

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Suitable Aquatic Habitat

Evolution of hydrological regime in middle and lower reaches of Han River driven by water conservancy project and countermeasures

Weather-driven malaria transmission model with gonotrophic and sporogonic cycles

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Unique Aquatic Habitat

Microplastics pollution studies in India: a recent review of sources, abundances and research perspectives

Generality and Shifts in Leaf Trait Relationships Between Alpine Aquatic and Terrestrial Herbaceous Plants on the Tibetan Plateau

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Affect Aquatic Habitat

Checklist of commercially important fishes of Puducherry coastal waters, east coast of India

Glyphosate Herbicide Induces Changes in the Growth Pattern and Somatic Indices of Crossbred Red Tilapia (O. niloticus × O. mossambicus)

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Downstream Aquatic Habitat

From flushing flows to (eco)morphogenic releases: evolving terminology, practice, and integration into river management

Arsenic and mercury contamination and complex aquatic bioindicator responses to historical gold mining and modern watershed stressors in urban Nova Scotia, Canada.

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Degraded Aquatic Habitat

Integrated planning framework for urban stormwater management: one water approach

Disentangling the nonlinear effects of habitat complexity on functional responses.

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Two Aquatic Habitat

Ecotoxicological effects of new generation pollutants (nanoparticles, amoxicillin and white musk) on freshwater and marine phytoplankton species.

Accumulation of nine heavy metals in water and gills, intestine and digenean parasites of the silver catfish, Bagrus bajad Forskål, 1775

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Protect Aquatic Habitat

Fish response to successive clearcuts in a second-growth forest from the central Coast range of Oregon

The California Environmental Flows Framework: Meeting the Challenges of Developing a Large-Scale Environmental Flows Program

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Maintaining Aquatic Habitat

Baseflow Separation and Its Response to Meteorological Drought in a Temperate Water-limited Basin, North China

Influences of channel morphology and large wood on bed sediment grain size characteristics along a headwater stream, southern Brazil

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Artificial Aquatic Habitat

The estimation of the coastal fisheries resources quantity based on waterbirds in the Ujung Pangkah Region, Gresik Regency, East Java

The Influence of the pH and Salinity of Water in Breeding Sites on the Occurrence and Community Composition of Immature Mosquitoes in the Green Belt of the City of São Paulo, Brazil

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within Associated Aquatic Habitat

Physicochemical Properties as Driver of Odonata Diversity in Oil Palm Waterways

Discovery of two new populations of the rare endemic freshwater crab Louisea yabassi Mvogo Ndongo, von Rintelen & Cumberlidge, 2019 (Brachyura: Potamonautidae) from the Ebo Forest near Yabassi in Cameroon, Central Africa, with recommendations for conservation action

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within aquatic habitat bird

Aquatic Habitat Bird Occurrences at Photovoltaic Solar Energy Development in Southern California, USA

Ten Bird Species, Six Guilds, Three Habitats, and 59 Chlorinated and Brominated POPs: What do 64 Eggs from the Largest Economic Hub of Southern Africa tell us?

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within aquatic habitat resulted

Comparative analysis of the superoxide dismutase gene family in Cetartiodactyla

Flood Pulse and Aquatic Habitat Dynamics of The Sentarum Floodplain Lakes Area

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within aquatic habitat assessment

Artificial lateral line for aquatic habitat modelling: An example for Lefua echigonia

Comparison of Geographically Weighted Regression of Benthic Substrate Modeling Accuracy on Large and Small Wadeable Streams

Aquatic Habitat sentence examples within aquatic habitat quality

Higher reproductive performance of a piscivorous avian predator feeding on lower trophic-level diets on ponds with shorter food chains

Tracking the sediment plume from the 7th February 2021 Chamoli (Uttarakhand, India) hazard cascade

Algae as New Kids in the Beneficial Plant Microbiome

Non-destructive raman spectroscopic determination of freshwater mollusk composition, growth, and damage repair.

Mercury Concentrations in Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus) of the Finger Lakes Region, New York

Experimental Study on the Riverbed Coarsening Process and Changes in the Flow Structure and Resistance in the Gravel Riverbed Downstream of Dams

Structure and dynamics of the periphytic ciliate community under different hydrological conditions in a Danubian floodplain lake

A survey of Avifauna in aquatic habitat and their adjoining areas of Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India

More Aquatic Habitat 수생 서식지 sentence examples

Assessment of habitats and conservation status of Amphibians in Sindh, Pakistan

The microbiome of deep-sea fish reveals new microbial species and a sparsity of antibiotic resistance genes

Slippery when wet: cross-species transmission of divergent coronaviruses in bony and jawless fish and the evolutionary history of the Coronaviridae

Suckermouth armoured catfish (Pterygoplichthys spp.) menace in freshwater aquaculture and natural aquatic systems in Andhra Pradesh, India

Metacommunities from bacteria to birds: stronger environmental selection in mediterranean than in tropical ponds

Bacterial Community of Neutral Mine Drainage of Elizabeth’s Shaft (Slovinky, Slovakia)

Acute riverine microplastic contamination due to avoidable releases of untreated wastewater

Adaptive and Plastic Responses to Environmental Variation: Introduction to a Virtual Symposium in The Biological Bulletin

Chaoborus flavicans Meigen (Diptera, Chaoboridae) is a complex of lake and pond dwelling species: a revision.

Behavioral and reproductive effects in Poecilia vivipara males from a tropical estuary affected by estrogenic contaminants.

Habitat preference and diversification rates in a speciose lineage of diving beetles.

Fixed-Bed Column Technique for the Removal of Phosphate from Water Using Leftover Coal

Diversity and distribution of phototrophic primary producers in saline lakes from Transylvania, Romania

More Aquatic Habitat 수생 서식지 sentence examples

Hydrological–Hydrodynamic Nexus for Evaluation of Fish Habitat Suitability in the Bhogdoi River, India

Slippery when wet: cross-species transmission of divergent coronaviruses in bony and jawless fish and the evolutionary history of the Coronaviridae

Larval ecology and bionomics of Anopheles funestus in highland and lowland sites in western Kenya

Potential distribution of aquatic invasive alien plants, Eichhornia crassipes and Salvinia molesta under climate change in Sri Lanka

More Aquatic Habitat 수생 서식지 sentence examples

Liebig’s Law and Haber’s Tragedy

Characterization of a Hyaluronic Acid Utilization Locus and Identification of Two Hyaluronate Lyases in a Marine Bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus LWW-9

1-D HEC-RAS modelling and the vulnerability level assessment of Belik River sub-watershed

Effects of triclosan on sperm mobility in Oreochromis spp

Modelling flow and sediment transport change on the ecosystem in the large fresh water lake-Poyang Lake

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