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LINPS: a database for cancer-cell-specific perturbations of biological networks

[COVID-19 deaths among residents of inpatient nursing homes in Munich-causes and places of death].

Ru2P nanofibers for high-performance anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer

Ongoing mitigation strategies and further needs of the United States food industry to control COVID-19 in the work environment

Towards the robust hydrogen (H2) fuel production with niobium complexes-A review

Fabrication and characteristics of porcine plasma protein cold-set gel: Influence of the aggregates produced by glucono-δ-lactone acidification on microbial transglutaminase catalysis

Variation in restraint use between hospitals: a multilevel analysis of multicentre prevalence measurements in Switzerland and Austria

Improving intermittent demand forecasting based on data structure

Enforcing Sustainable Forest Management Policies: An Assessment of the Institutional Structures for VPA Implementation in Ghana

Does Restraint Use Depend on the Hospital? A Multilevel Analysis of Multicentre Prevalence Measurements

Együttműködés nemzetközi bűnüldöző szervezetekkel: orosz és magyar rendőrségi példák

Functional Method of Localization and LaSalle Invariance Principle

[Opportunities and challenges of active patient involvement in clinical research in Germany - from the perspectives of a patient representative, a clinical researcher and two staff members of research funding management].

La traducción y la subtitulación en el aula de idiomas

Combined Effects of Buffer Layers and Electrode Contacts on the Performance of Organic Solar Cells

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Appropriate Structures 적절한 구조

Appropriate Structures 적절한 구조
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