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Approach Behavior sentence examples within Social Approach Behavior

Serotonin 6 receptor blockade reduces repetitive behavior in the BTBR mouse model of autism spectrum disorder

Perspectives on Neuroscience and Behavior

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Conditioned Approach Behavior

Prelimbic prefrontal cortical encoding of reward predictive cues

Optogenetic activation of basolateral amygdala projections to nucleus accumbens core promotes cue-induced expectation of reward but not instrumental pursuit of cues

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Increase Approach Behavior

Sexual experience confers resilience to restraint stress in female rats

The central role of disgust in disorders of food avoidance.

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Les Approach Behavior

Effects of intranasal oxytocin administration on empathy and approach motivation in women with borderline personality disorder: a randomized controlled trial

Anti-predator behavior in pure and hybrid red-legged partridges.

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Facilitate Approach Behavior

Pictures of social interaction prompt a sustained increase of the smile expression and induce sociability

Effect of background and foreground music on satisfaction, behavior, and emotional responses in public spaces of shopping malls

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Exploratory Approach Behavior

An experimental task to examine the mirror neuron system in mice: Laboratory mice understand the movement intentions of other mice based on their own experience

Divergent medial amygdala projections regulate approach-avoidance conflict behavior

Approach Behavior sentence examples within Appropriate Approach Behavior

A probabilistic evaluation of human activity space for proactive approach behavior of a social robot

The Use of Gamification in Social Phobia

Approach Behavior sentence examples within approach behavior toward

Implication of the social function of excessive self-grooming behavior in BTBR T+ltpr3tf/J mice as an idiopathic model of autism

Fear and Avoidance: A Three-Day Investigation on the Impact of a Fear-Related Verbal-Rehearsal Task on a Behavior–Behavior Relation

Supramammillary neurons projecting to the septum regulate dopamine and motivation for environmental interaction in mice

The enhancing effects of testosterone in exposure treatment for social anxiety disorder: a randomized proof-of-concept trial

Exploratory drive, fear, and anxiety are dissociable and independent components in foraging mice

Test–retest reliability of approach‐avoidance conflict decision‐making during functional magnetic resonance imaging in healthy adults

Deconstructing the contribution of sensory cues in social approach

Contextual Modulation of Binary Decisions in Dyadic Social Interactions

Are airline workers planning career turnover in a post-COVID-19 world? Assessing the impact of risk perception about virus infection and job instability

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Orexin 1 and 2 Receptors in the Prelimbic Cortex Modulate Threat Valuation

Reward-specific satiety affects subjective value signals in orbitofrontal cortex during multicomponent economic choice

Cruise ship dining experiencescape: The perspective of female cruise travelers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Increased pupil dilation to happy faces in children with hyperactive/impulsive symptoms of ADHD

“After that, I was leery about giving anybody a break about anything”: Officer-perceived consequences of trauma exposure on interactions with the public

Characterizing approach behavior of Drosophila melanogaster in Buridan’s paradigm

Impact of Sustainable Cultural Contact, Natural Atmospherics, and Risk Perception on Rural Destination Involvement and Traveler Behavior in Inner Mongolia

Influences of Color Salience and Location of Website Links on User Performance and Affective Experience with a Mobile Web Directory

Can Dogs Limbo? Dogs’ Perception of Affordances for Negotiating an Opening

The pattern of force produced during approach-avoidance movements is independent of emotional valence

Molecular and functional characterization of odorant-binding protein genes in Holotrichia oblita Faldermann.

The Basolateral Nucleus of the Amygdala Executes the Parallel Processes of Avoidance and Palatability in the Retrieval of Conditioned Taste Aversion in Male Rats

Post-exposure cortisol administration does not augment the success of exposure therapy: A randomized placebo-controlled study

Knowledge about the predictive value of reward conditioned stimuli modulates their interference with cognitive processes.

Induction of reversible bidirectional social approach bias by olfactory conditioning in male mice

Complementary Neural Circuits for Divergent Effects of Oxytocin: Social Approach Versus Social Anxiety

Over and over again: Changes in frontal EEG asymmetry across a boring task.

Are Mid-Adolescents Prone to Risky Decisions? The Influence of Task Setting and Individual Differences in Temperament

Posterior Cingulate Cortical Response to Active Avoidance Mediates the Relationship between Punishment Sensitivity and Problem Drinking

Politics in internal integration for supply chain management (Extended Abstract)

The Approach Behavior to Angry Words in Athletes—A Pilot Study

A neural system for encoding odor-reward associations which influences approach behaviors

A pilot study of escape, avoidance, and approach behaviors in treated alcohol-dependent males

App-LSTM: Data-driven Generation of Socially Acceptable Trajectories for Approaching Small Groups of Agents

The Effect of Complex Visual Experiences and User Interaction on Attitudes and Intentions in Luxury Purchase

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Approach Behavior 접근 행동

Approach Behavior 접근 행동
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