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IoT-based model for intelligent innovation practice system in higher education institutions

Research on the Training Mode of Innovative Talents of English Major in Local Application-oriented Universities from the Perspective of WSR

Research on the Reform of Applying ESP Concept in English Teaching of Application Oriented Universities

Exploration of the Educational Model of Nanjiang Applied Colleges Under the “1+X” Certificate

An Ideological and Political Exploration of Higher Mathematics Courses in Applied Universities——Taking “Infinitesimal Comparison”as an Example

Discussion on Mixed Teaching of Mathematics Courses in Applied Universities

Construction of curriculum system of building environment and energy application engineering specialty based on information technology requirements

Campus Planning and Design of Nantong Institute of Technology Under the Background of Green and Development

Analysis on the Construction of School-enterprise Cooperation Base for Transportation Majors

Research on Internationalized Teaching Methods of Civil Engineering Specialty in Applied Universities Based on Network Cloud Platform-Taking the Course of “Engineering Mechanics” as an Example

Using Big Data Technology to Study the Countermeasures to Improve the Teaching Ability of P.E. Teachers in Applied Universities in China

Research on the Construction of Supply Chain Management for Undergraduate Programs at Chinese Applied Universities

Mathematical Modeling into the Teaching Method of Higher Mathematics Courses in Application-Oriented Universities under the Epidemic Situation

The Cultivation of Undergraduates with Applied Abilities in Four-year Program Applied Universities in China

Research and Practice on the Training Mode of BIM Professional Engineers

Discussion on the Construction Path and Practice Research Strategy of Characteristic Specialty of Preschool Education in Applied Universities

Research and Practice on the Training Mode of BIM Professional Engineers

Exploration on Practical Training Mode of Excellent Engineers in Safety Engineering Specialty of Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Discussion on the Necessity of Establishing Directly Affiliated Hospitals in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Big Data: Case of Longdong University

Discussion on the Output Path of Scientific Research Achievements under the Background of Constructing Applied Universities

Under the Background of Precise Poverty Alleviation, the Construction of Rural Tourism Talents Training Base in Applied Universities

A Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom to Management Science in Applied University


An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Improving the Administration Performance of Applied University

A Study on Strategies for Improving College English Teachers’ Teaching Ability in Applied Universities

Exploring Talents Training Model in Applied Universities—Taking the School of Economics and Management of Chengdu Technological University as an Example

Exploring the Chinese-English Bilingual Teaching Mode in an Applied University — Taking Physical Chemistry Experiment Bilingual Course in Zaozhuang University as an Example

Key Issues in the Process of Environmental Engineering Program Reformation in the Universities of China

Construction of Teaching Quality Monitoring System in Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Construction of Practical Teaching Evaluation System for Ideological and Political Theory Course in Applied Universities

The Effective Transformation Path of Scientific Research Achievements in Applied Universities Based on the Data Warehouse

Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System under the New Business Background

Research on the Driving Factors and Models of School–Enterprise Cooperation in Economics and Management Majors of Universities*

Construction and Research of Experimental Teaching Platform for Applied Undergraduate Universities in the New Media Environment

Current influences in the development of future-oriented forestry programs

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Applied Universities 응용 대학

Applied Universities 응용 대학
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