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Effects of Plant Stress on Aphid–Parasitoid Interactions: Drought Improves Aphid Suppression

New insights into diet breadth of polyphagous and oligophagous aphids on two Arabidopsis ecotypes

Impact of Temperature on Survival Rate, Fecundity, and Feeding Behavior of Two Aphids, Aphis gossypii and Acyrthosiphon gossypii, When Reared on Cotton

Elevated carbon dioxide reduces Aphis gossypii intrinsic increase rates without affecting Aphidius colemani parasitism rate

PECTIN ACETYLESTERASE9 Affects the Transcriptome and Metabolome and Delays Aphid Feeding1[OPEN]

Role of Thrips Omnivory and Their Aggregation Pheromone on Multitrophic Interactions Between Sweet Pepper Plants, Aphids, and Hoverflies

Elevational cline in herbivore abundance driven by a monotonic increase in trophic-level sensitivity to aridity.

Seasonal changes in the density of the symbionts Buchnera and Wolbachia of the aphid Tuberculatus macrotuberculatus on Quercus dentata

Untargeted Metabolomics Approach Reveals Differences in Host Plant Chemistry Before and After Infestation With Different Pea Aphid Host Races

Trade-offs between defenses against herbivores in goldenrod (Solidago altissima)

Cereal aphid performance and feeding behaviour largely unaffected by silicon enrichment of host plants

Asymmetry in Herbivore Effector Responses: Caterpillar Frass Effectors Reduce Performance of a Subsequent Herbivore

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Aphid Performance 진딧물 성능

Aphid Performance 진딧물 성능
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