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Removal of chlortetracycline from water by immobilized Bacillus subtilis on honeysuckle residue–derived biochar

Removal of chlortetracycline from water by immobilized Bacillus subtilis on honeysuckle residue derived biochar

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Insights into sulfamethazine adsorption interfacial interaction mechanism on mesoporous cellulose biochar: Coupling DFT/FOT simulations with experiments


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Temporal and spatial variability of antibiotics in agricultural soils from Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, northern China

An innovative modeling approach of linking land use patterns with soil antibiotic contamination in peri-urban areas.

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Occurrence and distribution of antibiotics in sediments from black-odor ditches in urban areas from China.

Distribution patterns of antibiotic residues in an urban river catchment

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High efficiency of osmotically stable laccase for biotransformation and micro-detoxification of levofloxacin in the urea-containing solution: Catalytic performance and mechanism.

Sublethal antibiotics collapse gut bacterial populations by enhancing aggregation and expulsion

Rare earth elements (lanthanum, cerium and erbium) doped black oxygen deficient Bi2O3-Bi2O3– as novel photocatalysts enhanced photocatalytic performance

Alteration of antibiotic-resistant phenotypes and minimal inhibitory concentration of Escherichia coli in pig farming: Comparison between closed and open farming systems.

Effects of Partial Organic Substitution for Chemical Fertilizer on Antibiotic Residues in Peri-Urban Agricultural Soil in China

Antibiotics threats on vegetables and the perils of low income nations practices

Degradation of cephalexin by persulfate activated with magnetic loofah biochar: Performance and mechanism

Microbial Degradation of Antibiotics from Effluents

Fabrication of magnetic multi-template molecularly imprinted polymer composite for the selective and efficient removal of tetracyclines from water

Microbial community dynamics during composting of animal manures contaminated with arsenic, copper, and oxytetracycline

An interactive online IT tool to aim the environmental surveillance of veterinary antibiotics in agriculture and pasture lands

Synthesizing S-doped graphitic carbon nitride for improvement photodegradation of tetracycline under solar light

Antibiotic resistance in shellfish and major inland pollution sources in the drainage basin of Kamak Bay, Republic of Korea

Engineered biochar – A sustainable solution for the removal of antibiotics from water

Enzymatic Activity and Microbial Diversity of Sod-Podzolic Soil Microbiota Using 16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing following Antibiotic Exposure

Double photoelectron-transfer mechanism in Ag-AgCl/WO3/g-C3N4 photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for trimethoprim degradation.

Veterinary antibiotics and plant physiology: An overview.

Effects of chronic exposure of antibiotics on microbial community structure and functions in hyporheic zone sediments.

A Novel Treatment of Antibiotic Effluent pollution From Abattoirs In Mosul City

Perspectives on the antibiotic contamination, resistance, metabolomics, and systemic remediation

Abiotic mechanism changing tetracycline resistance in root mucus layer of floating plant: The role of antibiotic-exudate complexation.

Coating magnetite alters the mechanisms and site energy for sulfonamide antibiotic sorption on biochar.

A review of the bioelectrochemical system as an emerging versatile technology for reduction of antibiotic resistance genes.

Effect of antibiotic type and vegetable species on antibiotic accumulation in soil-vegetable system, soil microbiota, and resistance genes.

Vaccine of live attenuated Eimeria coecicola boosts immunity against coccidiosis for sustainable rabbit production in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Single and ternary competitive adsorption-desorption and degradation of amphenicol antibiotics in three agricultural soils.

Photocatalytic Activity of Vanadium-Substituted Polyoxometalate Doped Magnetic Carbon Nitride towards Antibiotics

Prioritization of antibiotic contaminants in China based on decennial national screening data and their persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity.

Tetracycline-Resistant Bacteria Selected from Water and Zebrafish after Antibiotic Exposure

Removal efficiency, kinetic, and behavior of antibiotics from sewage treatment plant effluent in a hybrid constructed wetland and a layered biological filter.

Bacterial diversity changes in agricultural soils influenced by poultry litter fertilization.

Highly efficient detection of ciprofloxacin in water using a nitrogen-doped carbon electrode fabricated through plasma modification

Bioremediation of Penicillin G by Serratia sp. R1, and enzymatic study through molecular docking

Silver nanoparticles inkjet-printed flexible biosensor for rapid label-free antibiotic detection in milk

Distribution, residue level, sources, and phase partition of antibiotics in surface sediments from the inland river: a case study of the Xiangjiang River, south-central China

Characterization and Inkjet Printing of an RNA Aptamer for Paper-Based Biosensing of Ciprofloxacin

Antibiotic resistance in major rivers in the world: A systematic review on occurrence, emergence, and management strategies

[Status of Antibiotic Contamination and Ecological Risks Assessment of Several Typical Chinese Surface-Water Environments].

Antibiotic contamination in a typical water-rich city in southeast China: a concern for drinking water resource safety

Occurrence and ecological risk assessment of selected antibiotics in the freshwater lakes along the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Basin.


New insights into the effect of pH on the mechanism of ofloxacin electrochemical detection in aqueous solution.

Analysis of antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli isolated from the Yitong River in North-east China

[Progress in microbial remediation of antibiotic-residue contaminated environment].

Sustainable Agriculture: From Sweet Sorghum Planting and Ensiling to Ruminant Feeding.

Seasonality of the antibiotic resistance gene blaCTX-M in temperate Lake Maggiore

Антибіотики в агроекосистемах: мікробіом і резистом ґрунту

Sulfur doped carbon quantum dots loaded hollow tubular g-C3N4 as novel photocatalyst for destruction of Escherichia coli and tetracycline degradation under visible light

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