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Atomistic modelling of near-crack-tip plasticity * * This work was supported by EPSRC, Grant No. EP/S028870/1.

Overall dynamic properties of locally resonant viscoelastic layered media based on consistent field integration for oblique anti-plane shear waves

On the path independence and invariant of the J-integral for a slant crack and rigid-line inclusion using degenerate kernels and the dual BEM

Surface effects on a mode-III reinforced nano-elliptical hole embedded in one-dimensional hexagonal piezoelectric quasicrystals

Locally exact asymptotic homogenization of viscoelastic composites under anti-plane shear loading

Broadening Global Families of Anti-Plane Shear Equilibria

Nonlinear elastic constitutive modeling of α-Ge

Transient response of collinear Griffith cracks in a functionally graded strip bonded between dissimilar elastic strips under shear impact loading

Toughening induced by the formation of facets in mode I+III brittle fracture: experiments versus a two-scale Cohesive Zone model

Dynamic performance for piezoelectric bi-materials with an interfacial crack near an eccentric elliptical hole under anti-plane shearing

Decay and numerical results in nonsimple viscoelasticity

Finite volume based asymptotic homogenization theory for periodic materials under anti-plane shear

Antiplane shear of an asymmetric sandwich plate

Effective wave motion in periodic discontinua near spectral singularities at finite frequencies and wavenumbers

Constitutive inequalities in nonlinear elasticity with focus on planar quasiconvexity

Anti-plane dynamic analysis of a quarter-space piezoelectric material with an elliptic notch in the corner

Effective moduli of multiferroic fibrous composites with strain gradient and electromagnetic field gradient effects

Radial waves in fiber-reinforced axially symmetric hyperelastic media

Asymptotic approach to anti‐plane dynamic problem of asymmetric three‐layered composite plate

On the stress concentration factor of circular/elliptic hole and rigid inclusion under the remote anti-plane shear by using degenerate kernels

Anti-Plane Shear of an Elliptical Nano-Inclusions in Piezoelectric Composites with Imperfect Interfaces

Global Bifurcation of Anti-plane Shear Fronts

Effects of strain gradient and electromagnetic field gradient on potential and field distributions of multiferroic fibrous composites

An asymptotic investigation of the dynamics and dispersion of an elastic five-layered plate for anti-plane shear vibration

Asymptotic approach to anti-plane dynamic problem of asymmetric three-layered composite plate

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Anti Plane Shear 안티 플레인 전단

Anti Plane Shear 안티 플레인 전단
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