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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : A Treatment Modality For Avascular Necrosis Of Maxilla- A Clinical Review.

Covalent immobilization of DJK-5 peptide on porous titanium for enhanced antibacterial effects and restrained inflammatory osteoclastogenesis.

Tea polyphenols and Levofloxacin alleviate the lung injury of hepatopulmonary syndrome in common bile duct ligation rats through Endotoxin -TNF signaling.

Microfluidic Tools for Enhanced Characterization of Therapeutic Stem Cells and Prediction of Their Potential Antimicrobial Secretome

Potential Association Between Asthma, Helicobacter pylori Infection, and Gastric Cancer

Disinfectan from Sodium Hypochloride And Essential Oil Prevents Covid-19

YBX has functional roles in CpG-ODN against cold stress and bacterial infection of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus.

Spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV-Vis) molecular structure, electronic, molecular docking, and thermodynamic investigations of indole-3-carboxylic acid by DFT method

A study of the biophysical properties of polystyrene films incorporated with clove oil as bio-based plasticizer.

Sinonasal Stent Coated with Slow-Release Varnish of Chlorhexidine Has Sustained Protection against Bacterial Biofilm Growth in the Sinonasal Cavity: An In Vitro Study

Anti-bacterial effect of Rosmarinus officinalis Linn. extract and Origanum syriacum L. essential oil on survival and growth of total aerobic bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus using cooked chicken meat

In vitro study of the effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on Streptococcus mutans isolated from human dental caries

Biofilm inhibition and bactericidal activity of NiTi alloy coated with graphene oxide/silver nanoparticles via electrophoretic deposition

To control floating drug delivery system in a simulated gastric environment by adjusting the Shell layer formulation

Development of Simultaneous Analysis Method for Multi-Compounds Content of New Shilajit Using HPLC-UV and the Cognitive Enhancing Effect: Mongolian Shilajit

Activity of Anti-Microbial Peptides (AMPs) against Leishmania and Other Parasites: An Overview

Megakaryocyte derived immune-stimulating cells regulate host-defense immunity against bacterial pathogens


The anti-bacterial effect of phenolic compounds from three species of marine macroalgae

Effects of crystalline penicillin G sodium on human T-cells differentiation

Baicalin promotes chondrocyte viability and the synthesis of extracellular matrix through TGF-β/Smad3 pathway in chondrocytes.

Natural flavonoid morin showed anti-bacterial activity against Vibrio cholera after binding with cell division protein FtsA near ATP binding site.

To Control Floating Drug Delivery System in a Simulated Gastric Environment by Adjusting the Shell Layer Formulation

Effect of Eugenol on Streptococcus mutans Adhesion on NiTi Orthodontic Wires: In Vitro and In Vivo Conditions

Using chiral magnetic surface molecularly imprinted polymers for chiral separation of Ofloxacin

Evodiamine Inhibits Helicobacter pylori Growth and Helicobacter pylori-Induced Inflammation

Nano-cubes over nano-spheres: shape dependent study of silver nanomaterial for biological applications

Photothermal therapy with regulated Nrf2/NF-κB signaling pathway for treating bacteria-induced periodontitis

Anti Bacterial Activity of Lavandula Extracts, Pathogen and Probiotics Bacteria

Mixtures of natural antimicrobials can reduce Campylobacter jejuni, Salmonella enterica and Clostridium perfringens infections and cellular inflammatory response in MDCK cells

Hydrogel-Based Scaffolds in Oral Tissue Engineering

Berberine carried gelatin/sodium alginate hydrogels with antibacterial and EDTA-induced detachment performances.

Uji Ekstrak Buah Maja (Aegle marmelos) Sebagai Antibakteri Pada Bakteri Escherichia coli

Biochemical and functional characterization of two microbial type terpene synthases from moss Stereodon subimponens.

Pharmacological Efficacy of Ginseng against Respiratory Tract Infections

Pimpinella Anisum Extracts, Safe Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Water Extract of Mentha arvensis L. Attenuates Estrogen Deficiency-Induced Bone Loss by Inhibiting Osteoclast Differentiation

Farmer Friendly Options for Sterilizing Farm Tools for the Control of Xanthomonas Wilt Disease of Banana

Anti-Bacterial Properties of Cannabigerol Toward Streptococcus mutans

Role of prebiotics in enhancing the function of next-generation probiotics in gut microbiota.

Synthesis, structural and in vitro biological evaluation of diamondoid-decorated lipophilic organotin(IV) derivatives

Fine Ultra-small Ruthenium Oxide Nanoparticle Synthesis by Using Catharanthus roseus and Moringa oleifera Leaf Extracts and Their Efficacy Towards In Vitro Assays, Antimicrobial Activity and Catalytic: Adsorption Kinetic Studies Using Methylene Blue Dye

Effect of some organic acids on microbial quality of dressed cattle carcasses in Damietta abattoirs, Egypt.

Preparation of Silver nanoparticles using Nutmeg oleoresin and its Antimicrobial activity against Oral pathogens

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Anti Bacterial Effect 항균 효과

Anti Bacterial Effect 항균 효과
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