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Anterior Eye sentence examples within optical coherence tomography

Induced refractive error changes optical coherence tomography angiography transverse magnification and vascular indices.

Клинический случай идиопатического расширения эпибульбарных сосудов

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye segment

Development of lipid-based microsuspensions for improved ophthalmic delivery of gentamicin sulphate.

Laser-integrated Real-Time Optical Coherence Tomography (LI-OCT) in Anterior Segment Procedures.

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye chamber

Intravital imaging of islet Ca2+ dynamics reveals enhanced β cell connectivity after bariatric surgery in mice

42-OR: Hub Cells Orchestrate 3-Dimensional Pancreatic Beta-Cell Ca2+ Dynamics In Vivo

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Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye surface

Preservative free tafluprost in the medical treatment of POAG in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In vivo assessment of the anterior scleral contour assisted by automatic profilometry and changes in conjunctival shape after miniscleral contact lens fitting

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye structure

Conditional Deletion of AP-2β in the Periocular Mesenchyme of Mice Alters Corneal Epithelial Cell Fate and Stratification

Absence of Cytochrome P450-1b1 Increases Susceptibility of Pressure-Induced Axonopathy in the Murine Retinal Projection

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye tissue

Altered unfolded protein response and proteasome impairment in pseudoexfoliation pathogenesis

Oxidation and peroxidation in the uvea of the rabbit eyes with experimental uveitis and ocular hypertension

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Одномоментная топографически ориентированная фоторефракционная кератэктомия с ускоренным кросслинкингом роговичного коллагена в лечении кератоконуса I стадии

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye disease

Spontaneous face- and eye-touching: Infection risk versus potential microbiome gain

Phenylboronic acid-tethered Chondroitin Sulfate-based mucoadhesive nanostructured lipid carriers for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye shape

Repeatability of Anterior Eye Surface Topography Parameters from an Anterior Eye Surface Profilometer.

Anterior scleral changes with accommodation and convergence

Anterior Eye sentence examples within anterior eye health

CLEAR - Anatomy and physiology of the anterior eye.

CLEAR - Evidence-based contact lens practice.

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Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Retinal Diseases from OCT2017 Dataset

The RNA-binding protein and stress granule component ATAXIN-2 is expressed in mouse and human tissues associated with glaucoma pathogenesis.

Management of Neurotrophic Keratitis with Phospholipid/Triglyceride Based Lipid Emulsion

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Characteristics of changes in the structures of the anterior eye of rabbits at acute opisthorchosis and paracoenogonymosis

Bibliometric analysis of the literature relating to silicone hydrogel and daily disposable contact lenses.

Zika Virus Infection of Human Iris Pigment Epithelial Cells

Development of a stem cell tracking platform for ophthalmic applications using ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging

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Visualization of intraocular foreign bodies in the projection of the ciliary body by transpalpebral near-infrared transillumination

Transgenic lysyl oxidase homolog 1 overexpression in the mouse eye results in the formation and release of protein aggregates

Expression of the heparin-binding growth factors Midkine and pleiotrophin during ocular development.

Pembrolizumab‐associated ocular myasthenia gravis

Optical coherence tomography: seeing the unseen

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Факторы катарактогенеза в лазерной рефракционной хирургии роговицы

Probing dynamic processes in the eye at multiple spatial and temporal scales with multimodal full field OCT.

Numerical and clinical investigation on the material model of the cornea in Corvis tonometry tests: differentiation between hyperelasticity and viscoelasticity

Developments in Contact Lens Imaging: New Applications of Optical Coherence Tomography

Effects of astaxanthin on VEGF level and antioxidation in human aqueous humor: difference by sex

Relationship Between the Parameters of Corneal and Fundus Pulse Signals Acquired With a Combined Ultrasound and Laser Interferometry Technique

How Does Biologically Inspired Design Cope With Multi-Functionality

Anterior Eye 전방 눈

Anterior Eye 전방 눈
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