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Reshaping of Gut Microbiota in Gilthead Sea Bream Fed Microbial and Processed Animal Proteins as the Main Dietary Protein Source

Inter-laboratory study on the detection of bovine processed animal protein in feed by LC-MS/MS-based proteomics

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Sustainable exploitation of macroalgae species from Chilean coast: Characterization and food applications

Improved food functional properties of pea protein isolate in blends and co-precipitates with whey protein isolate

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Rapid Light-Dependent Degradation of Fluorescent Dyes in Formulated Serum-Free Media

Rapid light-dependent degradation of fluorescent dyes in formulated serum-free media

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247 The Effect of Feeding Low Complexity Diets Contaminated with Deoxynivalenol and Supplemented with Nutramixtm or Fish Oil on Nursery Pig Growth Performance

Evaluation of Starch–Protein Interactions as a Function of pH

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Chemical composition, true nutrient digestibility, and true metabolizable energy of chicken-based ingredients differing by processing method using the precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay1.

Comparative Influence of Dehulling on the Composition, Antioxidative and Functional Properties of Sorrel (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Seed

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Potential of preparing meat analogue by functional dry and wet pea (Pisum sativum) protein isolate

Study of in vitro digestion of Tenebrio molitor flour for evaluation of its impact on the human gut microbiota

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Chestnut Shell Tannins: Effects on Intestinal Inflammation and Dysbiosis in Zebrafish

Amino acid profiles of Solanum aethiopicum, Amaranthus hybridus, and Telfairia occidentalis, common leafy vegetables in Nigeria

Eating Habits among Lithiasic Patients in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Functional and technological properties and methods of introduction of grain raw materials in the manufacture of meat and vegetable products

Adherence to Food-Based Dietary Guidelines: A Systemic Review of High-Income and Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Extraction of Data on Parent Compounds and Their Metabolites from Texts of Scientific Abstracts

Food-based dietary guidelines in Spain: an assessment of their methodological quality

Recent advances on bioactive food derived anti-diabetic hydrolysates and peptides from natural resources

Proteins extracted from seaweed Undaria pinnatifida and their potential uses as foods and nutraceuticals.

Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea L. Verdc): A Crop for the New Millennium, Its Genetic Diversity, and Improvements to Mitigate Future Food and Nutritional Challenges

The Microscopic Detection of Animal Proteins in Animal Feed Regarding Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

Analysis of meat consumption on the market of the Kursk region

Sustainable bioproducts through thermoplastic processing of wheat gluten and its blends

Protein nanoparticles in drug delivery: animal protein, plant proteins and protein cages, albumin nanoparticles

226 Integrated Pork Production During a Global Pandemic: Impact on the Live Production Supply Chain, Feed Mills, & Nutrition

Development of functional meatloaf technology

Algal proteins: Production strategies and nutritional and functional properties.

Production and Characterization of Medium-Sized and Short Antioxidant Peptides from Soy Flour-Simulated Gastrointestinal Hydrolysate

Non-animal proteins as cutting-edge ingredients to reformulate animal-free foodstuffs: Present status and future perspectives.

ToxDL: deep learning using primary structure and domain embeddings for assessing protein toxicity

Is there a rationale to supplement hepatotropic factors to dogs with multiple acquired portosystemic shunts secondary to congenital portosystemic shunt attenuation?

Efficiency of using vegetable proteins in trout feed

Creatine Levels in Patients with Phenylketonuria and Mild Hyperphenylalaninemia: A Pilot Study

Amino Acid Nutrition and Metabolism in Chickens.

White Paper - Plant Based Meat - Texturizing Plant Proteins

Development of a novel heterologous gene expression system using earthworms

Current prevalence and determinants of anaemia in under-five children in rural Bangladesh: a cross sectional study

Education, Dietary Intakes and Exercise*

From Farm to Fork: Crickets as Alternative Source of Protein, Minerals, and Vitamins

Are Physicochemical Properties Shaping the Allergenic Potency of Animal Allergens?

Usefulness of Discriminant Analysis in the Morphometric Differentiation of Six Native Freshwater Species from Ecuador

Investigation of the complex biocatalytic and ultrafiltration action on the whey protein cluster in the production of biofilms

Drivers of Protein Consumption: A Cross-Country Analysis

Functional and food application of plant proteins – a review

Sustainable agriculture, food security and diet diversity. The case study of Tuscany, Italy.

Perspectivas para o Desenvolvimento do Cultivo de Peixe na Agricultura Familiar

Poultry feed resources and chemical composition of crop content of scavenging indigenous chicken.

A new dual-peptide strategy for enhancing antioxidant activity and exploring the enhancement mechanism.

Application of Protein-Based Films and Coatings for Food Packaging: A Review

Food processing for the improvement of plant proteins digestibility

The association of dietary macronutrients with anthropometric changes, using iso-energetic substitution models: Tehran lipid and glucose study

The influence of an anti‐inflammatory diet on gingivitis. A randomized controlled trial

Early medieval diet in childhood and adulthood and its reflection in the dental health of a Central European population (Mikulčice, 9th-10th centuries, Czech Republic).

Nanostructures of zein for encapsulation of food ingredients

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Trimethylamine N-oxide, Mediterranean diet, and nutrition in healthy, normal-weight adults: also a matter of sex?

Exploring regulatory networks in plants: transcription factors of starch metabolism

Assessing the distributional effects of carbon taxes on food: Inequalities and nutritional insights in France

Moderate Renal Impairment and Toxic Metabolites Produced by the Intestinal Microbiome: Dietary Implications.

Modulation of innate immunity in carp : Diverse approaches to ß-glucanmediated responses

Leveraging Available Resources and Stakeholder Involvement for Improved Productivity of African Livestock in the Era of Genomic Breeding

Dietary gelatin enhances non-heme iron absorption possibly via regulation of systemic iron homeostasis in rats

pLoc_bal‐mAnimal: predict subcellular localization of animal proteins by balancing training dataset and PseAAC

The Effects of the Dietary and Nutrient Intake on Gynecologic Cancers

An overview of biopolymer nanostructures for encapsulation of food ingredients

Carbon Dioxide Emission and Soil Sequestration for the French Agro-Food System: Present and Prospective Scenarios