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Tidal forces in Kottler spacetimes

Oxygen vacancy enhanced Co3O4/ZnO nanocomposite with small sized and loose structure for sensitive electroanalysis of Hg(II) in subsidence area water

Ab initio dipolar electron-phonon interactions in two-dimensional materials

Fuzzy solution of system of fuzzy fractional problems using a reliable method

Analysis of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Systems Based on Behavioral Modeling of Mutual Inductance

Analytical study of time-fractional porous medium equation using homotopy analysis method

Co-precipitation synthesis of cobalt doped ZnO nanoparticles: Characterization and their applications for biosensing and antibacterial studies

Effect of planar irregularity of linear static and dynamic analysis

Electrochemical determination of novel psychoactive substances by differential pulse voltammetry using a microcell for boron-doped diamond electrode and screen-printed electrodes based on carbon and platinum

Porous-coral-like cerium doped tungsten oxide/graphene oxide micro balls: A robust electrochemical sensing platform for the detection of antibiotic residue

Interpretable Machine Learning for Real Estate Market Analysis

Modern Trends in Analytical Techniques for Method Development and Validation of Pharmaceuticals: A Review

Theory and Applications of the Unit Gamma/Gompertz Distribution

Characterization of the new CelerisTM Arginine column: Retentive behaviour through a combination of chemometric tools and potential in drug analysis.

Sonochemical-assisted synthesis of zinc vanadate microstructure for electrochemical determination of metronidazole

Cusp of Non-Gaussian Density of Particles for a Diffusing Diffusivity Model

Mesoporous onion-like carbon nanostructures from natural oil for high-performance supercapacitor and electrochemical sensing applications: Insights into the post-synthesis sonochemical treatment on the electrochemical performance

Infinite horizon billiards: Transport at the border between Gauss and Lévy universality classes.

Circuit Complexity across a Topological Phase Transition

Numerical Simulation of Conformable Fuzzy Differential Equations

A novel design of hybrid-time-interleaved current steering digital to analog converter and its behavioral simulation considering non-ideal effects

Constraints on primordial curvature perturbations from primordial black hole dark matter and secondary gravitational waves

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Analytical Behavior 분석적 행동

Analytical Behavior 분석적 행동
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