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Darknet Traffic Big-Data Analysis and Network Management to Real-Time Automating the Malicious Intent Detection Process by a Weight Agnostic Neural Networks Framework

Darknet Traffic Big-Data Analysis and Network Management to Real-Time Automating the Malicious Intent Detection Process by a Weight Agnostic Neural Networks Framework

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Comprehensive evaluation of satellite-based and reanalysis soil moisture products using in situ observations over China

Assessment of Snowfall Accumulation from Satellite and Reanalysis Products Using SNOTEL Observations in Alaska

Nine years of SMOS sea surface salinity global maps at the Barcelona Expert Center

A fully coupled Arctic sea-ice–ocean–atmosphere model (ArcIOAM v1.0) based on C-Coupler2: model description and preliminary results

Southern Ocean surface pressure and winds during the 20th century from proxy-data assimilation

Rising Planetary Boundary Layer Height over the Sahara Desert and Arabian Peninsula in a Warming Climate

Trends and spatial variation in rain-on-snow events over the Arctic Ocean during the early melt season

Reliability of ERA5 Reanalysis Data for Wind Resource Assessment: A Comparison against Tall Towers

How well do we know ocean salinity and its changes?

Atmosphere–ocean–aerosol–chemistry–climate model SOCOLv4.0: description and evaluation

Assessment of Suitability of Global Reanalysis for Hydrological Applications by Coupling Performance Statistics and Sensitivity Analysis in Kenya

Examination of the Daily Cycle Wind Vector Modes of Variability from the Constellation of Microwave Scatterometers and Radiometers

Errors of Airborne Bathymetry LiDAR Detection Caused by Ocean Waves and Dimension-Based Laser Incidence Correction

Regional winds over the Iberian Peninsula with COSMO-REA6 high resolution regional reanalysis: cierzo, levante and poniente

EMDNA: an Ensemble Meteorological Dataset for North America

Intercomparison of global reanalysis precipitation for flood risk modelling

Evaluation of Surface Relative Humidity in China from the CRA-40 and Current Reanalyses

The distribution and evolution of supraglacial lakes on the 79° N Glacier (northeast Greenland) and interannual climatic controls

Transition probabilities between synoptic weather types as a fingerprint for climate model evaluation

Estimation of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration from NASA POWER Reanalysis Products in a Hot Summer Mediterranean Climate

Toward nearshore, bathymetry induced wave amplification in False Bay, South Africa

Roles of Tropical Remote Forcings on the South China Sea Winter Atmospheric and Cold Tongue Variabilities

Analysis of convective and stratiform precipitation characteristics in the summers of 2014–2019 over Northwest China based on GPM observations

A continuous decline of global seasonal wind speed range over land since 1980

Assessing the Reliability of Satellite and Reanalysis Estimates of Rainfall in Equatorial Africa

A systematic assessment of water vapor products in the Arctic: from instantaneous measurements to monthly means

The Empirical Influences of Tibetan Plateau Soil Moisture on South Asian Monsoon Onset

Recent trends in the wind-driven California current upwelling system

A global grid model for the correction of the vertical zenith total delay based on a sliding window algorithm

How representative is global terrestrial wind speed from in-situ observations?

Role of autoconversion process in assessing the low-level clouds over the southern Indian Ocean in Climate Forecast System (CFS) version 2

Multiple sources of uncertainties in satellite retrieval of terrestrial actual evapotranspiration

A review of alternative climate products for SWAT modelling: Sources, assessment and future directions.

The Synoptic Impacts on the Convection Initiation of a Warm‐Sector Heavy Rainfall Event Over Coastal South China Prior to the Monsoon Onset: A Numerical Modeling Study

Evaluation of global high-resolution reanalysis products based on the Chinese global oceanography forecasting system: 基于中国全球海洋预报系统(CGOFS)的全球高分辨率再分析产品评估

Identifying relative strengths of SMAP, SMOS-IC, and ASCAT to capture temporal variability

Deriving Arctic 2 m air temperatures over snow and ice from satellite surface temperature measurements

Eddy Induced Trapping and Homogenization of Freshwater in the Bay of Bengal

Severe drought events inducing soil moisture depletion and evaporative stress across Poland during 1981-2019

Propagation Paths and Source Distributions of Resolved Gravity Waves in ECMWF-IFS analysis fields around the Southern Polar Night Jet

Comparison of Multi-Year Reanalysis, Models, and Satellite Remote Sensing Products for Agricultural Drought Monitoring over South Asian Countries

Quantification of the dust optical depth across spatiotemporal scales with the MIDAS global dataset (2003–2017)

Intercomparison of MJO Column Moist Static Energy and Water Vapor Budget among Six Modern Reanalysis Products

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