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Study And Investigation of Silicon Extended Source Vertical Double Gate Tunnel Transistor For Analog/RF Performance

Insights into temperature influence on analog/RF and linearity performance of a Si/Ge heterojunction asymmetric double gate dopingless TFET

Self-Consistent Modeling of B or N Substitution Doped Bottom Gated Graphene FET With Nonzero Bandgap

Low Power Circuit and System Design Hierarchy and Thermal Reliability of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor

Performance analysis of heterojunction tunnel FET device with variable Temperature

Impact of Interface Trap Charge on Analog/RF parameters of Novel Heterogeneous Gate Dielectric Tri-Metal Gate FinFET

Analog/RF performance assessment of ferroelectric junctionless carbon nanotube FETs: A quantum simulation study

Analog and RF Performance Evaluation of Junctionless Accumulation Mode (JAM) Gate Stack Gate All Around (GS-GAA) FinFET

Performance evaluation of dielectric modulation and metalloid T-shaped source/drain on gate-all-around junctionless transistor for improved analog/RF application

Integrated photonics for NASA applications

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Analog Rf Applications 아날로그 RF 애플리케이션

Analog Rf Applications 아날로그 RF 애플리케이션
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