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Humanized substitutions of Vmat1 in mice alter amygdala-dependent behaviors associated with the evolution of anxiety

Deletion of ErbB4 Disrupts Synaptic Transmission and Long-Term Potentiation of Thalamic Input to Amygdalar Medial Paracapsular Intercalated Cells

Selective prefrontal-amygdala circuit interactions underlie social and nonsocial valuation in rhesus macaques

Using Optogenetics to Reverse Neuroplasticity and Inhibit Cocaine Seeking in Rats.

New Insights from 22-kHz Ultrasonic Vocalizations to Characterize Fear Responses: Relationship with Respiration and Brain Oscillatory Dynamics

Excitation of Diverse Classes of Cholecystokinin Interneurons in the Basal Amygdala Facilitates Fear Extinction

Increased anxiety-like behavior following circuit-specific catecholamine denervation in mice

Amygdala ensembles encode behavioral states

Parabrachial-to-amygdala control of aversive learning

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Amygdala Circuits 편도체 회로

Amygdala Circuits 편도체 회로
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