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Catalytic DNA Origami-based Chiral Plasmonic Biosensor

Low-cost Foil based Wearable Sensory System for Respiratory Sound Analysis to Monitor Wheezing

Broadband Small-Aperture High-Gain Ridge Horn Antenna Array Element

A Reconfigurable and Compact Spin-Based Analog Block for Generalizable nth Power and Root Computation

Versatile and Ultrasensitive Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor for Biomarker Detection Based on Nonenzymatic Amplification and Aptamer-Triggered Emitter Release.

Optically measuring nerve activity based on an electro-optical detection system

29.7 A 500Mb/s -46.1dBm CMOS SPAD Receiver for Laser Diode Visible-Light Communications

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Amplification Circuits 증폭 회로

Amplification Circuits 증폭 회로
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