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Neuromolecular and behavioral effects of ethanol deprivation in Drosophila

RNA editing‐mediated regulation of calcium‐dependent activator protein for secretion (CAPS1) localization and its impact on synaptic transmission

Extracellular S100B alters spontaneous Ca2+ fluxes in dopaminergic neurons via L-type voltage gated calcium channels: Implications for Parkinson’s disease

Distinct dampening effects of progesterone on the activity of nucleus tractus solitarii neurons in rat pups

Adaptations of the neuromuscular junction to exercise training

Size Matters: Ryanodine Receptor Cluster Size Heterogeneity Potentiates Calcium Waves.

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Alters Spontaneous 자발적으로 변경

Alters Spontaneous 자발적으로 변경
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