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Open-source simulation of the long-term diffusion of alternative passenger cars on the basis of investment decisions of private persons

Auta, emise a klima: právní nástroje environmentální regulace

Fitting the OCV-SOC relationship of a battery lithium-ion using genetic algorithm method

4E.002 The Swedish 2020 Strategy on the Safe Use of Quad Bikes

Are consumer preferences for attributes of alternative vehicles sufficiently accounted for in current policies?

Lessons from the Electric Vehicle Crashworthiness Leading to Battery Fire

Business Information Through Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: The Case of Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Managing Sustainable Urban Public Transport Systems: An AHP Multicriteria Decision Model

Examining Mobility Among People Living with HIV in Rural Areas

“Other Conceptions, Both Powerful and Exotic”: School Choice Visions from Voices from the Political Left

Lifecycle Prediction of Second Use Electric Vehicle Batteries Based on ARIMA Model

Overview of model-based online state-of-charge estimation using Kalman filter family for lithium-ion batteries

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Alternative Vehicles 대체 차량

Alternative Vehicles 대체 차량
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