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Orbital metastasis diagnosed by ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy: Case report of unknown primary site.

Orbital metastasis diagnosed by ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy: Case report of unknown primary site.

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within An Alternative Procedure

Comparing Separation vs. Fresh Start to Assess Reusability of Pd/C Catalyst in Liquid‐Phase Hydrogenation

Diffusive barrier crossing rates from variationally determined eigenvalues.

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Two Alternative Procedure

Comparison of two different methods of prosthesis placement in otosclerosis

An Alternative Approach to Solving Cubic and Quartic Polynomial Equations

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Effective Alternative Procedure

Stapler-less burst pressure in an ex vivo human gastric tissue: a randomized controlled trial

Global Greenlight Group: largest international Greenlight experience for benign prostatic hyperplasia to assess efficacy and safety

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Safe Alternative Procedure

Comparison of primary closure and T-tube drainage of the common bile duct after choledochotomy

The Surgical Results in Pure Endoscopic Endonasal Trans-sphenoidal Surgeries in 403 Pituitary Adenomas: An 8-Years of Experience from a Single Neurosurgical Unit

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How does medial compartment osteoarthritis of knees respond to proximal fibular osteotomy at one year ? – A prospective analysis of 26 knees

Study of functional outcome of proximal fibular osteotomy in medial compartment osteoarthritis of knee

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Good Alternative Procedure

Inferior oblique muscle belly transposition and myopexy for diplopia

Mini-cholecystectomy versus laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a retrospective multicentric study among patients operated in some Eastern Libyan hospitals.

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Simple Alternative Procedure

A simplified method for bronchoalveolar lavage in mice by orotracheal intubation avoiding tracheotomy.

Transcanalicular Laser-Assisted Dacryocystorhinostomy

Alternative Procedure sentence examples within Three Alternative Procedure

Decoding with confidence: Statistical control on decoder maps

Metaheuristics for solving the biobjective single-path multicommodity communication flow problem

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Comparing Separation vs. Fresh Start to Assess Reusability of Pd/C Catalyst in Liquid‐Phase Hydrogenation

Comparing two experimental procedures for multi-position calibration of a MEMS-type IMU

Inequality Measurement and Tax/Transfer Policy

Estimating a density, a hazard rate, and a transition intensity via the ρ-estimation method

Changes in Salivary Amylase and Glucose in Diabetes: A Scoping Review

Comparing the performance of stacking-based methods for microearthquake location: A case study from the Burträsk fault, northern Sweden

Beyond the Wada: An updated approach to pre-surgical language and memory testing An updated review of available evaluation techniques and recommended workflow to limit Wada test use to essential clinical cases

Cumulative sum analysis for the learning curve of minimally invasive mitral valve repair

Percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy in a nine-year-old patient with sciatica: case report, technical note and overview of the literature

Evaluating the Potential for Correspondence Between Brief Functional Analysis and Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis Procedures

Vertical Ridge Augmentation Technique

[Pitfalls in the diagnosis of delirium].

Editorial: Degradation of Cultural Heritage Artifacts: From Archaeometry to Materials Development

Dirac Hamiltonian in a supersymmetric framework

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems


Comparison between autogenous brachial-brachial upper-arm elevated direct arteriovenous fistulas and prosthetic brachial-antecubital indirect forearm arteriovenous grafts.

Mapping of African urban settlements using Google Earth images

Hybrid ARIMAX-ANFIS based on LM Test for Prediction of Time Series with Holiday Effect

Testing for cointegration in nonlinear asymmetric smooth transition error correction models

Use of Supraclavicular Flap by End to Side Technique in Pharyngeal SCC: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Efficacy and mid-term outcome of middle meningeal artery embolization with or without burr hole evacuation for chronic subdural hematoma compared with burr hole evacuation alone

Hepatic artery resection without reconstruction in pancreatoduodenectomy

Comparison of Long-Term Outcomes of the Lamellar and Penetrating Keratoplasty Approaches in Patients with Keratoconus

Randomised controlled trial of naming outcomes in anterior temporal lobectomy versus selective amygdalohippocampectomy

Intrafetal laser therapy in a monochorionic diamniotic triplet pregnancy with two acardiac fetuses: a case report and literature review

Black-Box Modelling of Low-Switching-Frequency Power Inverters for EMC Analyses in Renewable Power Systems

The effects of health insurance on the choice of medical procedures: Evidence from heart attacks and childbirths.

Circulant Singular Spectrum Analysis to Monitor the State of the Economy in Real Time

The relation between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Mathematics Performance: A DEA-based Approach

Experimental Competitive Bone Marrow Transplant Assays.

Surgical Outcomes After Minimally Invasive Direct Lateral Corpectomy with Percutaneous Pedicle Screws for Osteoporotic Thoracolumbar Vertebral Collapse with Neurologic Deficits in the Thoracolumbar Spine Compared with Those After Posterior Spinal Fusion with Vertebroplasty.

Circulant singular spectrum analysis: A new automated procedure for signal extraction

Determination of copper in human blood serum by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after UV-assisted Fenton digestion using binary magnetite nanoparticles

Synergistic effects of processing parameters on the biochemical and physical properties of tofu made from yellow field pea (Pisum sativum), as determined by response surface methodology

Holmium LASER in Comparison with Transurethral Resection of the Bladder Tumor for Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Randomized Clinical Trial with 18-month Follow-up.

Editorial Commentary: The Latarjet: Increased Shoulder Stability, and Increased Risk of Complications in Low Volume Practitioners.

178. Full endoscopic vs open discectomy for sciatica: a randomized controlled trial

Systematic Exploration of the High Likelihood Set of Phylogenetic Tree Topologies

Revisiting the procedure for characterising mechanical properties in welded joints through nanoindentation

The Effect of Artery and Vein Size on Forearm Hemodialysis Arteriovenous Graft Patency

Direct Method Solution of 3-D Magnetotelluric Modeling Using Vector Finite Element Method

Non-relativistic gravity theory based on an enlargement of the extended Bargmann algebra

Abstract P3-04-01: The value of stereotactic vacuum-assisted biopsy in the investigation of microcalcifications in 1354 patients in public Brazilian hospital

Understanding the formation and behaviors of droplets toward consideration of changeover during cell manufacturing

An alternative procedure to measure railroad track irregularities. Application to a scaled track

Abdelhamid H Elgazzar, Ismet Sarikaya (Eds): Nuclear Medicine Companion. A Case-Based Practical Reference for Daily Use

Semimicro/Microscale Adaptation of the Cobalt Chloride/Sodium Borohydride Reduction of Methyl Oleate

Modelling Pan-European ground motions for seismic hazard applications

Magnetic detection of sentinel lymph node in papillary thyroid carcinoma: The MAGIC-PAT study results.

Applications and Outlook

Single‐shot measurement of solids and liquids T1 values by a small‐angle flip‐flop pulse sequence

Oncological feasibility of laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy compared with laparoscopic proximal or total gastrectomy for cT1N0M0 gastric cancer in the upper gastric body

Comparing the use of open and closed questions for Web-based measures of the continued-influence effect

Clinical outcomes of posterior thoracic cage interbody fusion (PTCIF) to treat trauma and degenerative disease of the thoracic and thoracolumbar junctional spine

Introduction of Novel Surgical Techniques: A Survey on Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Surgeons

Sub-total duodenectomy for secondary duodenum neoplastic invasion.

Extracellular vesicle isolation methods: rising impact of size-exclusion chromatography

A 10d view on the KKLT AdS vacuum and uplifting

Estimation of Measles Immunization Coverage in Guwahati by Ranked Set Sampling

A Multicenter Study Evaluating Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Surgery for Rectal Cancer.

Systematic review of ablative therapy for the treatment of renal allograft neoplasms

Actitudes y prácticas ante la búsqueda de atención odontológica en personas de la ciudad de México. Estudio cualitativo

Significance Tests and Estimates for R2 for Multiple Regression in Multiply Imputed Datasets: A Cautionary Note on Earlier Findings, and Alternative Solutions

Alternative Sample-Homogeneity Test for Quantitative and Qualitative Proficiency Testing Schemes.

Alternative Technique of Iris Orientation in a Custom-Made Ocular Prosthesis.

Evaluation of Laparoscopic Management of Incarcerated Congenital Inguinal Hernia

Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI) in a Patient with Cystic Thyroid Nodule

Use of Resin‐Based Provisional Material to Create the Posterior Palatal Seal in Complete Denture Definitive Impressions

An Open Radical Prostatectomy Approach that mimics the Technique of Robot-assisted Prostatectomy: A Comparison of Perioperative Outcomes.

Left ventricular endocardial pacing in the real world: Five years of experience at a single center

Alternative Approaches for the Determination of Unconfined Rock Deformation and Strength Properties

Percutaneous Axial Presacral Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A Preliminary Case Series (Three Cases)

Newer Devices for Aqueous Drainage

Isotope Labelling for Reaction Mechanism Analysis in DBD Plasma Processes

Two-staged biliary reconstruction with temporary complete external biliary drainage as a bailout procedure in a pediatric patient after difficult living donor liver retransplantation.

The Relationship between Auditor Characteristics and Earnings Management: An Empirical Study on Taiwanese Nonprofit Hospitals

The influence of torsion effect on fracture behavior of Pipe Ring Notched Bend specimen (PRNB)

On the Role of Dynamic Assessment on Promotion of Writing Linguistic Accuracy among EFL Learners: An Interventionist Model

AgarFix: simple and accessible stabilization of challenging single-particle cryo-EM specimens through cross-linking in a matrix of agar

Sperm selection with density gradient centrifugation and swim up: effect on DNA fragmentation in viable spermatozoa

Effect of Local Polyhexanide Application in Preventing Exit‐Site Infection and Peritonitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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