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Locating sexual politics and gendered lives: East Asian perspectives


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Camus and Tragedy in Education

The playful city : Citizens making the smart city

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‘Which part of my group do I represent?’: disability activism and social media users with concealable communicative disabilities

Construction of Home, Nation and Identity in Rohinton Mistry’s Tales from Firozsha Baag

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Exploring a narrative approach through music as a pastoral care means to human flourishing

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A Narrative Analysis of Stories Told about Engineering in the Public Discourse: Implications for Equity and Inclusion in Engineering

Наратив у царині політичних комунікацій: підходи до вивчення у найбільш цитованих статтях із бази даних Web of Science.

Entangled Reflections on Designing with Leaky Breastfeeding Bodies

Revisiting Iran through Women’s Memoirs: Alternative Narratives from Insider Within

Refugee Solidarity Along the Balkan Route

Two sides of the same coin? The persuasiveness of one-sided vs. two-sided narratives in the context of radicalization prevention

The Epidemiology of Diversity: COVID-19 Case Rate Patterns in California

The Fission of the Forbidden: The Popularity of Video Content in an Online Right-Wing Extremist Environment

Development of Preschool Children’s Executive Functions throughout a Play-Based Learning Approach That Embeds Science Concepts

Re-Imagining Social Mobility: The Role of Relationality, Social Class and Place in Qualitative Constructions of Mobility

Racial Projections in Perspective: Public Reactions to Narratives about Rising Diversity

The entrepreneurial imaginary: The hyper-real case of the Zombiepreneur

Resisting disaster chronopolitics: Favelas and forced displacement in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shaping of sustainable citizenship among young people of Kulhudhuffushi, Maldives and Hamilton, New Zealand: context, conditions and experiences

Did You Hear That One About Neutra and Williams? Architectural Spreadability in a Post-Truth Context

La Fotografía de Ana Álvarez-Errecalde: el reciclaje de las formas en la construcción de sentido e identidad

Sociocultural Plurality in Sri Lanka: Interculturality and New Knowledge Systems

The Politics of Russian Memory: The Great War in the European Context

Political Narratives and the US Partisan Gender Gap

Defending Weapons Inspections from the Effects of Disinformation

The Social Construction of Gender in Adult-Children Interactions and Narratives at Preschool, Primary and Middle school

Working with and negotiating ‘risk’: Examining the effects of awareness raising interventions designed to prevent Child Sexual Exploitation

Embodied Memories and Spaces of Healing: Culturally-Centering Voices of the Survivors of 1965 Indonesian Mass Killings

The role of freedom of expression in the construction of historical memory

Violencia criminal, desempeño institucional y respuesta de la sociedad organizada en México

Creating gender: A thematic analysis of genderqueer narratives

“Scenes of Subjection” in Public Education: Thinking Intersectionally as If Disability Matters

Beyond the vulnerability paradigm: fostering inter-professional and multi-agency cooperation in refugee education in Italy

Moving Away from the “Medical Model”: The Development and Revision of the World Health Organization’s Classification of Disability

Rethinking The Contemporary Discourse of Jihād

Resources and Rape: Congo’s (toxic) Discursive Complex

Telling and re-telling stories : staff witnessing narratives from people diagnosed with dementia

Find new ways of thinking, seeing and doing

Conflicting Views in Narratives on HIV Transmission via Medical Care

The Afterlife of al-Andalus: Muslim Iberia in Contemporary Arab and Hispanic Narratives

‘From Cabinda to Cunene’: Monuments and the Construction of Angolan Nationalism since 1975

Fear and Hate in Alabama and Beyond: Narratives of Immigration in the Trump Campaign

Institutional Counter-disinformation Strategies in a Networked Democracy

Narratives of Care and Citizenship: Mothering “Precariously Normal” Adult Sons and Daughters in an Age of Inequality☆

Introduction: Global Morrison

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Alternative Narratives 대체 내러티브

Alternative Narratives 대체 내러티브
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