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Off-Cycle and Out of Sync: How Election Timing Influences Political Representation

Blood and immune development in human fetal bone marrow and Down syndrome.

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Spillover Tax Precedent

Genomic contextualisation of ancient DNA molecular data from an Argentinian fifth pandemic Vibrio cholerae infection

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Specifying and testing GPU workgroup progress models

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Spinal cord injury in sexual and gender minority individuals

Excitotoxic targeting of Kidins220 to the Golgi apparatus precedes calpain cleavage of Rap1-activation complexes

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Psychometric properties of the Swedish version of the satisfaction with life scale in a sample of individuals with mental illness

Validation of Subjective Well-Being Measures Using Item Response Theory

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Is Executive Function the Universal Acid?

Contribution to inclusive (p,α) reactions from (p,pα) knockout at incident energies near 100 MeV

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Load balancing guardrails: keeping your heavy traffic on the road to low response times (invited paper)

A generalized theory of age-dependent carcinogenesis

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First insight into the diversity of snakes in the Pleistocene of Cuba

The Small t Antigen of JC Virus Antagonizes RIG-I-Mediated Innate Immunity by Inhibiting TRIM25’s RNA Binding Ability

[Does Vocational Reintegration After Medical Rehabilitation Differ in Terms of Social Status and Type of Rehabilitative Care?]

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Excitation and suppression of synchrobetatron resonances in high-intensity hadron linacs

In Memory of Erik Mikhailovich Galimov (July 29, 1936–November 23, 2020)

Treacle and TOPBP1 control replication stress response in the nucleolus.

Telling Stories in Science: Feyerabend and Thought Experiments

Artículos, demostrativos y correlaciones en Mazahua (Otomangue)

Devon Women in Public and Professional Life, 1900–1950

The glyptodont Eleutherocercus solidus from the late Neogene of north-western Argentina: morphology, chronology, and phylogeny

Surrogate scores of advanced fibrosis in NAFLD/NASH do not predict mortality in patients with medium-to-high cardiovascular risk.

The LbcA lipoprotein and CtpA protease assemble an oligomeric complex to control peptidoglycan hydrolases in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Interprofessional research teams in radiography - where the magic happens.

Agitation and Sugar Craving Related to Epilepsy Seizure

Making Environmental Accounting Work: Case of the Zimbabwe Mining Industry

Small cats in big trouble? Diet, activity, and habitat use of jungle cats and leopard cats in threatened dry deciduous forests, Cambodia

In the diaspora, not dead: Africa’s heritages in French museums

315 Athlete Sleep and Mental Health: Differences by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Comparative Analysis of Revenue Generation and Management of Hotels in Different Locations in Ilorin, Nigeria

On the Approximation Ratio of Ordered Parsings

Bayberry maturity estimation algorithm based on multi-feature fusion

North American Fireflies Host Low Bacterial Diversity.

Teachers’ knowledge and intervention strategies to handle hate-postings

Forty-year natural history study of Bahalana geracei Carpenter, 1981, an anchialine cave-dwelling isopod (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cirolanidae) from San Salvador Island, Bahamas: reproduction, growth, longevity, and population structure

Desvelar o óbvio: o abismo social e educacional na pandemia

Zero Queueing for Multi-Server Jobs

Laying Bare the Device

Imperial Governance and the Growth of Legislative Power in America

Effects of electrodialysis conditions on waste acid reclamation: Modelling and validation

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Almost Nothing 거의 아무것도

Almost Nothing 거의 아무것도
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