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Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within electrical discharge machining

Electrical discharge surface texturing for enhanced pool boiling heat transfer

Facile Fabrication of Durable Superhydrophobic Aluminum Alloy Surfaces by HS-WEDM and Chemical Modification

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Titanium Alloy Surfaces

Laser surface texturing inhibits Biofilm formation

Effect of Surface Roughness on the Properties of Titanium Materials for Bone Implants

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Aluminum Alloy Surfaces

Effect of mechanical polishing of aluminum alloy surfaces on wetting and droplet evaporation at constant and cyclically varying pressure in the chamber

Superhydrophobic surface on Al alloy with robust durability and excellent self-healing performance

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Bimetallic Alloy Surfaces

Group and Period-Based Representations for Improved Machine Learning Prediction of Heterogeneous Alloy Catalysts.

Theoretical scanning of bimetallic alloy for designing efficient N2 electroreduction catalyst

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Al Alloy Surfaces

Anti-reflective and wetting properties of femtosecond pulsed laser textured Al alloy surfaces

Influence of DLC Film Deposition on the Corrosion and Micro-abrasive Wear Tests of the 2524-T3 Al Alloy

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Aluminium Alloy Surfaces

Nano-TiO2 Coating Layers with Improved Anticorrosive Properties by Aerosol Flame Synthesis and Thermophoretic Deposition on Aluminium Surfaces

Pulsed laser ablation for enhanced liquid spreading

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Metal Alloy Surfaces

New route for the synthesis of Co-MOF from metal substrates

Nanostructuring of laser textured surface to achieve superhydrophobicity on engineering metal surface

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Magnesium Alloy Surfaces

Evaporation of colloidal droplets from aluminum-magnesium alloy surfaces after laser-texturing and mechanical processing

Wettability inversion of aluminum-magnesium alloy surfaces

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Ti Alloy Surfaces

Synergistic Photoantimicrobial Chemotherapy of Methylene Blue-Encapsulated Chitosan on Biofilm-Contaminated Titanium

Elastic-plastic properties of titanium and its alloys modified by fibre laser surface nitriding for orthopaedic implant applications.

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Ti6al4v Alloy Surfaces

Characterization of UHMWPE- HAp coating produced by dip coating method on Ti6Al4V alloy

Chitosan functionalization of titanium and Ti6Al4V alloy with chloroacetic acid as linker agent.

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Mg Alloy Surfaces

Formation of a phosphoric acid compound film on an AZ31 magnesium alloy surface using cavitation bubbles

A mechanistic investigation of corrosion-driven organic coating failure on magnesium and its alloys

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Copper Alloy Surfaces

Self-Disinfecting Copper Beds Sustain Terminal Cleaning and Disinfection Effects throughout Patient Care

Specific antibacterial activity of copper alloy touch surfaces in five long-term care facilities for older adults.

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within 4v Alloy Surfaces

Origin of surface ridging in Ti-6Al-4V sheets produced by pack rolling and its effect on microstructural and mechanical properties

Surface modification of Ti-6Al-4V alloy for osseointegration by alkaline treatment and chitosan-matrix glass-reinforced nanocomposite coating.

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Cocrmo Alloy Surfaces

Effect of grain size and crystallographic structure on the corrosion and tribocorrosion behaviour of a CoCrMo biomedical grade alloy in simulated body fluid

A fluorescent approach for detecting and measuring reduction reaction byproducts near cathodically-biased metallic surfaces: Reactive oxygen species production and quantification.

Alloy Surfaces sentence examples within Fcc Alloy Surfaces

Elucidating the Onset of Plasticity in Sliding Contacts Using Differential EBSD Tomography

Elucidating the Onset of Plasticity in Sliding Contacts Using Differential Computational Orientation Tomography

Synergistic Effects Under Ion-Beam Modification of Metals

Recent progress on the surface finishing of metals and alloys to achieve superhydrophobic surfaces: a critical review

Computational insights into the corrosion-resistant alloying elements on Fe(110) surface

(Invited) Copper Electrodeposition for Catalysis and Devices

Mn2+ ions incorporated into ZnS x Se1-x colloidal quantum dots: controlling size and composition of nanoalloys and regulating magnetic dipolar interactions.

CO activation by the heterobinuclear transition metal-iron clusters: A photoelectron spectroscopic and theoretical study

Enhanced spreading, migration and osteodifferentiation of HBMSCs on macroporous CS-Ta - A biocompatible macroporous coating for hard tissue repair.

The Search for Molecular Corks Beyond Carbon Monoxide: A Quantum Mechanical Study of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Adsorption on Pd/Cu(111) and Pt/Cu(111) Single Atom Alloys

Ab-initio investigation of the effect of adsorbed salts on segregation of Cr at the Ni (100) surface

Dual-phase AuPt alloys free from magnetic susceptibility artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging.

Corrosion inhibition of locally de-passivated surfaces by DFT study of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole on copper

More Alloy Surfaces 합금 표면 sentence examples

Modeling phase formation on catalyst surfaces: Coke formation and suppression in hydrocarbon environments

Regeneration of Active Surface Alloys during Cyclic Oxidation and Reduction: Oxidation of H2 on Pd/Ag(111).

Nano-Topographical Control of Ti-Nb-Zr Alloy Surfaces for Enhanced Osteoblastic Response

Structure reconstruction of metal/alloy in reaction conditions: a volcano curve?

Mn2+ ions incorporated into ZnS x Se1−x colloidal quantum dots: controlling size and composition of nanoalloys and regulating magnetic dipolar interactions

Unique surface patterns emerging during solidification of liquid metal alloys

A Review on Expired Drug-Based Corrosion Inhibitors: Chemical Composition, Structural Effects, Inhibition Mechanism, Current Challenges, and Future Prospects

Effect of Preliminary Laser Surface Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Diffusion Welded Joints of Fe–Ni Alloy

Surface-tuning nanoporous AuCu3 engineering syngas proportion by electrochemical conversion of CO2

In vitro investigation on microstructure, bio-corrosion properties and cytotoxicity of as-extruded Mg–5Sn–xIn alloys

More Alloy Surfaces 합금 표면 sentence examples

Femtosecond laser-induced nanostructures on Fe-30Mn surfaces for biomedical applications

Reactivity and Bond Strength of Universal Dental Adhesives with Co-Cr Alloy and Zirconia

Corrosion behaviours of hot-extruded Al-xMg alloys

The Effect of Surface Modification of Ti13Zr13Nb Alloy on Adhesion of Antibiotic and Nanosilver-Loaded Bone Cement Coatings Dedicated for Application as Spacers

Ligand-Effect-Induced Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity Enhancement for Pt/Zr/Pt(111) Surfaces with Tensile Strain Relieved by Stacking Faults

Sliding Behavior of Secondary Phase SiC Embedded Alloyed Layer Doped Ti6Al4V Surfaces Ensuing Electro Discharge Machining

Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic alloy surface based on room temperature vulcanized silicone modification

Changes in surface properties of dental alloys with atmospheric plasma irradiation.

Corrosion of alloys in high temperature molten-salt heat transfer fluids with air as the cover gas

Effect of alloying elements on the microstructure, coefficient of friction, in-vitro corrosion and antibacterial nature of selected Ti-Nb alloys

Corrosion Performance of 700 Series Stellite Alloys in Various Media

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