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Microstructures, properties and in situ preparation of novel VC and Al2O3 co-doped WC-Ni3Al-composites by reactive microwave sintering

Cleaner milling on Ti-6Al-4V alloy cooled by liquid nitrogen: external spray and inner injection

Alloy Processing sentence examples within Metal Alloy Processing

Effect of solid fraction on microstructures and mechanical properties of a Mg-Al-La-Ca alloy processed by rheocasting

Morphological Evolution of Mg-Al-La-Ca Alloy Induced by a Mechanical Stirring Process

Editorial: Dual-Phase Materials in the Medium and High Entropy Alloy Systems Al-Cr-Fe-Ni and Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Ni

Awakening the metastability of an interstitial high entropy alloy via severe deformation

A feasibility study of biodegradable magnesium-aluminum-zinc-calcium-manganese (AZXM) alloys for tracheal stent application

Nanoindentation, EPMA and Atom Probe Tomography Characterisation of Oxygen-rich Layer formed on a Titanium Jet Engine Component

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Alloy Processing 합금 가공

Alloy Processing 합금 가공
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