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Vancomycin is Effective in Preventing C. acnes Growth in a Shoulder Arthroplasty Mimetic.

Analysis of Recast Layer, Wear Rate and Taper Angle in Micro-electrical Discharge Machining Over Ti–6Al–4V

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Structure formation of alloys of tin — zinc system during high-rapid solidification

Changes in the Structure and Microhardness of Rapidly Solidified Foils of Aluminum Alloy 1421 during Their Annealing

Capacity-Limited Na-M foil Anode: toward Practical Applications of Na Metal Anode.

The defining role of phosphorous on microstructure, nanohardness and thermal stability of pulsed electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel-phosphorous alloys

Determination of damage mechanisms and damage evolution in fiber metal laminates containing friction stir welded thin foils

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A general strategy for the preparation of semiconductor-oxide-nanowire photoanodes

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Alloy Foil 합금 호일

Alloy Foil 합금 호일
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