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Alloy Core sentence examples within Amorphou Alloy Core

A Novel Saturated Amorphous Alloy Core Based Fault Current Limiter for Improving the Low Voltage Ride Through Capability of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbines

Effect of Cutting and Slot Opening on Amorphous Alloy Core for High-Speed Switched Reluctance Motor

Alloy Core sentence examples within Co Alloy Core

In situ topochemical carbonization derivative Co-Ni alloy@Co-Co2C for direct ethanol synthesis from syngas

Controllable construction of yolk–shell Sn–Co@void@C and its advantages in Na-ion storage

Alloy Core sentence examples within Aluminium Alloy Core

Surface Finish Analysis in Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming of Rib-Stiffened 2024-T3 and 7075-T6 Alclad Aluminium Alloy Panels

Numerical analysis of Composite with Natural Fiber Reinforcement using Finite Element Method: Leaf Spring Composite Application

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Alloy Core sentence examples within Irni Alloy Core

One-pot synthesis of IrNi@Ir core-shell nanoparticles as highly active hydrogen oxidation reaction electrocatalyst in alkaline electrolyte

O species-decorated graphene shell encapsulating iridium–nickel alloy as an efficient electrocatalyst towards hydrogen evolution reaction

Alloy Core sentence examples within Ni Alloy Core

Impedance engineered microwave absorption properties of Fe-Ni/C core-shell enabled rubber composites for X-band stealth applications

pH-Universal Water Splitting Catalyst: Ru-Ni Nanosheet Assemblies

Fe5S2 identified as a host for sulfur in Earth’s core

Graphitic carbon embedded FeNi nanoparticles for efficient deoxygenation of stearic acid without using hydrogen and solvent

Structural transformations of metal alloys under electrocatalytic conditions

Spin dynamics of anisotropic azimuthal modes in heterogeneous magnetic nanodisks

Nucleation, coalescence, thermal evolution, and statistical probability of formation of Au/Ir/Pd nanoalloys in gas-phase condensation process

Crystalline-Amorphous Permalloy@Iron Oxide Core-Shell Nanoparticles Decorated on Graphene as High-Efficiency, Lightweight, and Hydrophobic Microwave Absorbents.

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Alloy Core 합금 코어

Alloy Core 합금 코어
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