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Enhanced fluorescence quantum yield of syndiotactic side-chain TPE polymers via Rh-catalyzed carbene polymerization: influence of the substitution density and spacer length

Significantly Enhanced Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Columnar Mesophases in Stereoregular Polymethylenes with Discotic Triphenylene Side Groups

Polymerizable Photocleavable Columnar Liquid Crystals for Nanoporous Water Treatment Membranes

Tunable multi-cations-crosslinked poly(arylene piperidinium)-based alkaline membranes with high ion conductivity and durability

Fast switching of nematic liquid crystals using a new alkyl-free bifunctional mesogenic monomer

Development of polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan blend anion exchange membrane with mono and di quaternizing agents for application in alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Tunable nonenzymatic degradability of N-substituted polyaspartamide main chain by amine protonation and alkyl spacer length in side chains for enhanced messenger RNA transfection efficiency

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Alkyl Spacers 알킬 스페이서

Alkyl Spacers 알킬 스페이서
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