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Peptidase Activity of Proteinivorax Bacteria and Their Possible Ecological Role in the Microbial Communities of Tanatar Soda Lakes (Altai Krai, Russia)

Natronolimnobius sulfurireducens sp. nov. and Halalkaliarchaeum desulfuricum gen. nov., sp. nov., the first sulfur-respiring alkaliphilic haloarchaea from hypersaline alkaline lakes.

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Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria from Lakes Olbolosat and Oloiden, Kenya

Formation of Monohydrocalcite in the Microbialites from Laguna de Los Cisnes (Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Chile)

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Simultaneous reproduction of two killifish congeners in the highly alkaline Lake Salda (Turkey)

Quaternary history of the Lake Magadi Basin, southern Kenya Rift: Tectonic and climatic controls

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Comparative genomic analysis of eight novel haloalkaliphilic bacteriophages from Lake Elmenteita, Kenya

Isolation, characterization and analysis of bacteriophages from the haloalkaline lake Elmenteita, Kenya

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Giant tufas of Lake Van record lake-level fluctuations and climatic changes in eastern Anatolia,Turkey

Diatom ecological response to deposition of the 833-850 CE White River Ash (east lobe) ashfall in a small subarctic Canadian lake

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Potential Applications of Native Cyanobacterium Isolate (Arthrospira platensis NIOF17/003) for Biodiesel Production and Utilization of Its Byproduct in Marine Rotifer (Brachionus plicatilis) Production

Microbial succession and dynamics in meromictic Mono Lake, California

Towards an actualistic view of the Crato Konservat-Lagerstätte paleoenvironment: A new hypothesis as an Early Cretaceous (Aptian) equatorial and semi-arid wetland

Distribution characteristics of heavy metals in surface sediments of alkaline lake in Plateau

Spatio-temporal distribution of Gymnocypris przewalskii during migration with UAV-based photogrammetry and deep neural network

Evidence for seasonal changes in population structure of Reed Buntings (Emberiza schoeniclus) in the Lake Neusiedl Region: a stable-isotope approach

Neogene paleoenvironmental evolution of the Northern Patagonian extra-Andean foreland basin, Argentina

In situ arsenic speciation at the soil/water interface of saline-alkaline lakes of the Pantanal, Brazil: A DGT-based approach.

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In situ fractionation and redox speciation of arsenic in soda lakes of Nhecolândia (Pantanal, Brazil) using the diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) technique.

Coeval primary and diagenetic carbonates in lacustrine sediments challenge palaeoclimate interpretations

Orderly coexistence and accumulation models of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons in Lower Permian Fengcheng Formation, Mahu sag, Junggar Basin

Phylogenomic analysis of Anabaenopsis elenkinii (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria).

Searles Lake evaporite sequences: Indicators of late Pleistocene/Holocene lake temperatures, brine evolution, and pCO2

Coupling of paleoenvironment and biogeochemistry of deep-time alkaline lakes: A lipid biomarker perspective

Formation of Magnesium Carbonates on Earth and Implications for Mars

A Series of Data-Driven Hypotheses for Inferring Biogeochemical Conditions in Alkaline Lakes and Their Deposits Based on the Behavior of Mg and SiO2

Depositional system and lake-stage control on microbialite morphology, Green River Formation, eastern Uinta Basin, Colorado and Utah, U.S.A.

Spatial Variations of the Bacterial Diversity in an Alkaline Lake

The soda lakes of Nhecolândia: A conservation opportunity for the Pantanal wetlands

Interaction between lakes’ surface water and groundwater in the Pantanal wetland, Brazil

A record of mid- and late Holocene paleohydroclimate from Lower Pahranagat Lake, southern Great Basin

Diversity and Bioprospecting of Yeasts from Extreme Environments

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Cyanobacteria from Brazilian extreme environments: toward functional exploitation.

What Causes Carbonates to Form “Shrubby” Morphologies? An Anthropocene Limestone Case Study

Effect of temperature on the microbial community responsible for methane production in alkaline NamCo wetland soil

Paracremonium moubasheri, a new species from an alkaline sediment of Lake Hamra in Wadi-El-Natron, Egypt with a key to the accepted species

Antiproliferative potential of 3β,5α,6β,7α-tetrahydroxyergosta-8(14),22-diene produced by Acremonium persicinum isolated from an alkaline crater lake in Puebla, Mexico.

Depositional environments in an arid, closed basin and their implications for oil and gas exploration: The lower Permian Fengcheng Formation in the Junggar Basin, China

The hydrochemical evolution of alkaline volcanic lakes: a model to understand the South Atlantic Pre-salt mineral assemblages

Ostracods as ecological and isotopic indicators of lake water salinity changes: the Lake Van example

Alkaline lake settings for concentrated prebiotic cyanide and the origin of life

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Alkaline Lake 알칼리 호수

Alkaline Lake 알칼리 호수
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